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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 270 to 275

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

4/20 #270

There's actually still so many
but including quite a lot of questions that overlaps
or questions that are similar, surprisingly
I feel like I have answered them all!

There's some who I couldn't choose because of
the name used so I'm sorry 🥺

However, it had been fun!!
When I see the reaction, I feel glad that I did this

However, I understand that if I were to give too much
in my answer, it will unexpectedly expand or people will
see too much.
So there's good side and bad side to it.

If it leads to bad outcome, I wouldn't do it
anymore you know~⛄️

I want to continue doing new things
I would be glad if someone start thing
and it becomes a path for others to follow.

Well, what should I do next~🌵

4/20 #271

Since morning, I just turn on to channel 4
without much thought
Then 2 members of WEST appear~
Then when I watch it...
I got so shy.

Hey, Kami-chan! Ryusei!

Aren't you gonna joke around instead!! lol

I got so shy😆😆

But, sankyuu

[Kami-chan and Ryusei talked about inspirational thing that Kura had once
wrote to each of them when he signed the uchiwa for them and announcer said
maybe we can make a 365 days of Kura's wisdom words XD]

4/20 #272

Pastel blue...
So cute

When I'm hanging virus repellant card
on my neck, it somehow looks like
someone who wears a VIP/Staff
pass ticket or something like that

[psst, don't buy it. It had been sold to various countries including
mine at certain famous shop brands but there's no scientific research
to back that up at all]

4/20 #273

Is actually a song that I wrote for my grandpa

It's exchanges of words between me and
my grandpa.

If I were to sing it again someday,
I will treasure it well while singing it.

[His grandfather passed away from cancer in 2006]

4/22 #274

Pleas write 728 points
of what you like about Ohkura-kun.

# Naniwa ni Q

4/25 #275

Thank you for listening
to Hibiki

When I look at the comments
There's a lot of medical staff
When I come to realize the facts that
it reaches them, I couldn't stop my tears.

Keep on saying self restrain, self restrain
I'm sure the stress keeps on building up
"I may have gotten infected"
But these people still have to go (and work) no matter what
And once again, I strongly feel that I must not forget these

For me, I probably wouldn't have such courage...
I probably would have run away.

If the things that we do
Can encourage you from the back even just a bit
Then we will think of it with our full strength.

This time, we're sending song of encouragement
But we must think of more things that people can enjoy
and laugh about (^^)

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