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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 276 to 280

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

4/25 #276

A friend sent me
a mask that can be washed.

I'm thinking of after using this
I'll soak it in boiling water
and then reusing it again.

And then, the shaver had arrived too.
So I feel refreshed now.

Because I was doing this selfie to show
my mask, I'm censoring the whole background
because I'm at my own home.

[Selfie of Kura with a washable face mask by Factlier Yamada-san]

4/27 #277

Today, there will be plenty of things going on.

Starting from 2 pm, please regularly
check Kanjani8 TV.

Crazy eito are going to do something lol

Until the airtime of Kanjani8 Chronicle F that had been
moved and renewed at 11 pm

Today, we'll be hijacking your hearts 😎😎😎

4/29 #278

Today, at 8 pm,
a video will be uploaded on Kanjani8 TV.

Kick off party.


5/1 #279

The premiering of the movie
Had been decided to be postponed.

But I know someday it will definitely be
delivered to where you are
So, I think I want to switch this feeling of frustration
into a motivation to polish my skills.

During this self restrain period,
Those who are at home as it is
or those who are doing work at home

Let's work hard.

5/1 #280

Seems that Jo keep on fooling around
with his flip art so please do this.

[Think of this as Kurako lol]
Um... I'm Naniwa Dashi's fan!!
Among them, Joichiro-kun is my favourite.

I couldn't bring myself to ask the younger members
to do this.
I want you to do pillow talk.

For example...

If you talk to me with joy about what happened with
your whole day,
I will nod off into sleep.
"Heck, you're not listening? Well, it can't be helped,
you must have been tired."

"Let's meet in our dreams, hai~ good night~"

I want you to tell me that in the dark!!

Please grant me this.

p/s: Definitely do not pull out your flip (art)
from your futon <3

# Naniwa to oyasumi

[Naniwa to oyasumi is Naniwa Danshi's video project on J-Island TV. Some think Kura is involved in the project. And lol and Kurako falling for Jo-kun. I thought IT CEO's are your type? You fall for a baseball maniac instead XD]

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