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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 281 to 296

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

5/2 #281

It will be my Happy Birthday soon.

Happy Birthday.

Say that to me

Say your words of love to me too.
In 10 words.

5/2 #282

Today I had an online meeting.

In the past, I use this (internet) world to watch movies.

I didn't expect that I will use this in
order to get job done within these past few months....

Connecting with people,
Bonding with people,
It's like it's so normal for it to be by my side
That I didn't realize it.

It was a sure matter back then, going to work and
working hard during your duty at the company.
Then you came home tired, and you feel healed.
By variety shows or whatever you like.

Entertainment is such thing, right?

So, I want to laugh without thinking of
anything at all
I want that something

Someone think of it lol lol

5/3 #283

I once said I don't need to go fishing
but the sadness of having not enough of it...

[That game is it lol]

5/4 #284

Ohkura, gained weight during self restrain.

This can't be stopped.
Since one cannot lower one's immunity!!!

To the people involved.

Please sharpen my face lines with computer's power.

5/4 #285

Everybody congratulated me
in 10 words lol

It's extremely simple so it's great.
However, there's the point of it becoming difficult
to convey the feelings
So, the people that fool around appear.
So today, I'm making a self reflection that I need
to make improvements on the points.

There's 5.7.5 composition but that would require 12
words at the very least.

Is there anything that is the number one way
to let out your feelings??!

It's laugh with all your might
And cry with all your might!!!

How do you do it!!??

Someone think of it!! lol lol

[XD U ok bro? Cabin fever is it?]

5/4 #286

Maru, because he is a very considerate person,
I think that's why he is a person
who has switch in various fields.

And then, to me...
He said
Tacchon, you like this right?
He has a switch for that

Though, there's time when that switch got clicked
during private time,
At that time, there's no destructive power to it
And I laugh to the point of crying and my belly in stitches.

It's really is a world that belongs to only the two of us
So I don't think you would understand even when you see it.

Such person, in my life,
there's no body else other than Maru-chan.

This, I think is also due to his considerate nature,
also due to his superiority complex
And also due to mount
But, I realize that the biggest element of it all
is love.

And then, in comparison,
that guy is someone who gets nervous easily
Usually think too much
Got too enthusiastic
Then unable to produce a performance that satisfy him
Looking at the sight of that guy who looks like he's about to cry
People wouldn't be good at everything huh...
And I say un, un, un

But, that side of him is beloved too

What I have in common with fans is
probably the part where I feel nothing but love for the guy?
That's what I think

Lastly, speaking about Maru,
That's guys best, sexy vocal range,
still haven't reach the fans you know?

Look forward to it. ^-^

5/4 #287

Today's meal is bento with stir fried vegetables.

Even at this hour, there's still people who are
working and delivering food,
thank you.

I'm grateful.

5/5 #288

Infinity Records 8 official twitter
has made it's debut!!

We will make full and efficient use of it 😎😎

Everyone use it too!!

But unchangingly I will upload from web ^_^

Also, we will upload new video too 😊😊😊😊😊

Wonder if this is done intentionally~

Definitely please challenge doing this!!
It's pretty exhausting, y'know ^_^

Yoropiku for a lot of thing!!

# Congrats In Reco (Infinity Records)
# My life challenge

5/5 #289

A cooking show that ends fast
If one goes to the homepage, one will get to see the
whole details...

In the past, do people jot down notes for it?

I've never written down notes.

Hand written words gives a warm feeling, right?

5/6 #290

I'm asking for everybody's advice
regarding Twitter!!
Is it okay to ask you all to gather here at 2 pm??

I have never used SNS
so I can only ask for everybody's help. lol

5/6 #291

I am thinking of starting a Infinity Records debut event!!

But, I don't have SNS so I need help from everyone!!!

Eighters, can you help to promote Kanjani8?

Can you help to spread Kanjani8's charm to all over the world?

For example, make a introduction VTR of us,
anything is okay.

As much as possible, staff and I will check them!

We too ought to create our movie!
I wonder if it can be completed in time, Infinity Records staff!!!!!

If it trends, we will do something as a gratitude gift!!!

This will be on Kanjani8 TV!!! lol lol

# ExE
# First time meeting you, we're Kanjani8

5/6 #292

Limited by video, do you feel troubled by it? lol

Anything is okay~~!!

Like, watching youtube and dancing?

It's your freedom!! ^_^

I'm watching~ ^_^

5/6 #293

Everybody, thank you for participating.

You have given me lots of fun ^-^

I feel the love!!!

Soon, thank you video will be uploaded to Kanjani8 TV.


5/7 #294

The weather is really good today, huh ^_^

I wonder if the what is called as the usual Golden Week
has ended

Recently, there had been a lot of earthquakes,
and yesterday the thunder and lighting had been really strong too

When I was thinking of it's still attacking
It shows a sky that is so blue that it looks naked.

The earth, is a tsundere too huh.

5/7 #295

When you do radio exercise really seriously
it used up a lot of energy, y'know.

If you do Maemuki exercise really seriously,
there's a lot of parts of your body that will get muscly

When one eliminated the problem of
lack of exercise, one will lose weight, right!

Yay! ^_^

However, Ryotearai-san appears a lot huh.
I'm calling him in too much that I got worried about
the kimchi in the field...

5/7 #296

It'd be nice if the record company can announce
a lot of things as soon as possible.

I want to choose songs.
I want to do more of this sort of performance,
so I want to have a meeting where I can request
"Can we arrange it this way?"
Even for MV too, we've never done this sort of world view before
And even for expression (of the song), we want to do it too
And I think the fans will be happy too.

Speaking of which, after becoming 5,
We've only had done it once, right?

Well, then, the next Kanjani8, I wonder
what do we want to express next?

[Is he talking about single?]

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