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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 297 to 312

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

*Words in italics are words written by Kura originally in English already!

5/8 #297

I feel some sort of emotion that
I have never felt before.

The moment when the flip card of
"I'm going to turn off the light, okay?" appear
I have a little bit of expectation
But when he's serious,
he can actually be an idol,
Ohkura is really impressed about it.

However, flip card is not allowed~
Because the use of flip card means
you are going to do something.

From now on,
I'm expecting a kyun --> funny
miraculous character.

# Jo-kun and good night [Naniwa Danshi's corner in Island video channel]

5/11 #298

Apparently, because Ohashi-kun's final
few seconds were too sexy😎,
the server went down because of it⚡

As a leader, he shouldn't have jumped over
the orthodox idol path
So he need to take responsibility over it
And do a punishment game of 7 consecutive strange faces
in a row and upload that.

That's what I said when I contacted him.

But the outcome is way too bad that the server could go nuts
and the site seems like it's about to collapse
so I'm refraining from that order... lol

I'm sorry that it didn't end up being the heart pounding
good night that it was supposed to be (lol)

# why am I the one who end up apologizing
# Jo, I'm relying on you
# (It had been a great project...)

5/11 #299

At this timing
the washing machine broke down.

From tomorrow onwards, I will be smelly everyday.

I'm sorry.
This month, I will be smelly a lot of the time.


5/11 #300

I tried repairing it with glue
But it peels off.

At this sort of timing,
will they come to do repairing job...

Will they be unwilling to come to people's house?

So I'm going to wait until next month?

Then, my laundry will be piling up in huge amount.

I should hide them somewhere.

5/12 #301

Um...The order of members appearing on
Morning Kanjani change..

There's a reason to it.

It was because I was late.

To all my members, I'm sorry.

And so, with that, I recorded my episode for 45 minutes worth.
The background music is also moody.

I wonder if you know what is the BGM from

In the morning, if you have a leisurely time,
as you prepares yourself for the day,
please listen to it okay
I filled it up with lots of things to talk about

5/12 #302

We had remote filming, today too.

I wonder how will our work culture change
after coronavirus time.

I guess I'll just enjoy what I'm doing now
for the sake of the new world.

5/12 #303

From the moment Maru introduced the osushi gag

I had an intense craving of eating sushi

But, none of them are opened (desushi),
People are sitting so close to each other too (desushi)

5/13 #304

It's in the comment too
# Things that I can do now in this moment

↑ It's probably really important.

Surely, when we return to the usual life
The value may have lessened
So probably, it has it's value now.

I'm hoping that it's because now we can't meet the people
who we usually meet at a close distance
that it gives birth to a new sense of appreciation
and values to that...

Everybody, let's give it a thought💡

5/13 #305

(Picture of his breakfast like his dad's twitter post wwww)

Yes, I ate way too much since early in the morning.

Today, after waking up, I did some cleaning,
I did stretching and meditation
Then I go and make a breakfast and end up making too much of it...
While I use up the side dishes from the convenience store
at the same time
It's nutritional but (the whole thing) is of too much calories too.

Since I ate too much, it's coffee time.

After reading, I need to do work.

Somehow, I'm like an elderly school drop out
Investor who live a life of leisure in dignity...

Ohkura, you still need to work a lot more!!!

5/13 #306

Erm, in regards to the 45 minutes morning kanjani episode.

Only those who heard the whole episode would understand this
I'm going to pick up one part of it and write it down here.

Previously, I tried the Q&A corner on Kurasumasu.

As an extention to that, questions that are submitted here
I thinking of answering them on next week's Morning Kanjani.

Erm, from a closed blog, I'm reply on another closed place.

I'm excited because it's like sharing secrets from under the blanket
It's a Johnny's celebration, so I'm leaving it in your care~

5/13 #307



I wonder how many times, when I'm lost in my life
they cheered me up
I wonder how many times, had they caused my chest
to tighten
I wonder how many times, had they touched my heart
and caused my tears to fall

When they laugh, their eyes turns into a thin line
That person's laugh and singing voice,
Had saved me so many times

When I was a kid,
from the memory of listening to them in the car
To my junior era
To the end and beginning of the journey
This song puts on this world's determination, hope for the future
and smile with all of its might.

It's such a happiness for me

[He talks about Mr Children's Sakurai who writes song for
Johnny's upcoming charity song project called Smile]

5/13 #308

When everybody is infected with the osushi (Maru's gags) curse
I end up laughing fufufu.

Speaking of which, with that I end up remembering
in the 2nd episode of Chronicle, the part where I said
"Tomato ikimaaa~su (Tomato, here it goes~)" part,
why did it got repeated 3 times??

Staffs are teasing me huh.

Well, I guess it's fine.

I ate too much during breakfast that
I didn't get hungry.

That amount is the amount of food for people
who work hard all day outside.

It's not the amount for people who
lie around at home.

That's why I gain weight.

It's not the kind of calories intake for someone
who do a bit of muscle training on yoga mat, then
lie around and play with phone
then did some stretching.

I have more free time than ever today


5/14 #309

At this timing, the wi-fi
stopped working.

Reason unknown...
Then how can I do remote filming?!

All of my entertainment shows
that are connected via wi-fi are closed down
too, isn't it.

Isolated and helpless, I have arrived at an
uninhibited island.

Somehow, please look for it.

5/14 #310

This is bad, it will take 1 week
until wi-fi arrive

Somehow, I keep on coming across
more and more mechanical failures,
what the heck is going on.
Scary, scary!!

But I realized that at least my phone
📱 is alive and I'm saved by this kid.

So, I think my updates will increase a
bit more than usual. lol

Right now, there's some area where emergency state
had ended but if we return to our old way of life
way too much, there's worry of a second wave coming.

Let's keep a distance and maintain our hygiene
until a vaccine can be produced.
Let's overcome this together!!


by the way

If you're gonna post it anyway
then post the whole thing properly lol

It started with a Lupin opening and then
continues on to apologies with a funny face, right,
 lol lol

I made it while laughing and holding my belly
When I realized that I'm like that, I'm embarassed to death

I asked him to take video of his funny face in slow motion
And then edits it with Nishino Kana's love song in the background
It somehow becomes a sad video
And the gap of all that, makes me laugh loudly alone

HAHAHAHA (Ah... I'm laughing alone)

As a talent, to do something that is different from someone else
and it becomes a topic that people talk about,
is something wonderful.

I'm looking forward to the next project~

5/25 #311

(Another picture of his breakfast again like his dad's twitter
post wwww)

Hamburger since early morning!!
Not enough green!!
But this time, I manage to not make too much dishes

But, it's difficult to use up one whole onion
no matter what.
Even though I put it in miso soup and on top of
tofu, I end up having to wrap up one quarter of it.

The smell of onion, clings around Ohkura-kun.

Somehow, the whole colouring of the picture is brownish
It has a feel of man's cooking to it...

I'm going to drink vegetables juice.

5/15 #312

Seems like people from all sorts of industries
are feeling like they have reached the limits, right?

After emergency state is lifted,
I wonder if it's possible for a restart
with specific conditions.

Speaking of which, I wonder if my parents will be okay...?

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