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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 315 to 318

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

5/17 #315

In consideration of the fact that
there's some of you all who had started working,
Morning Kanjani that is usually aired at 8 am had ended.

From tomorrow onwards,
the name will be changed to Good Night Kanjani
and the time frame is moved to 8 pm.

The content doesn't change, surely, lol

To you who were exhausted from work
To you who stays at home the whole day
praying for peace
To all sorts of you, we'll heal you

Let's meet each other before sleep!!

That's all, this is a report of change of time.

5/18 #316

(Picture of his super grand breakfast lol)

Yeah, slowly it getting better and just right.
Just breakfast, I will eat a lot and properly.
Today is onion natto.
Because it's a fresh onion, it's delicious.
The miso soup is of date that is close to it's expiry date
If I add everything, the entire tofu became miso soup.

Bacon eggs flavoured with butter, salt and pepper,
added with sauce that had travelled from Europe and
America to Japan, indeed, I really like it.
This is today's highlight.
Ah, it's scrambled egg though.

It will updated at 8 pm tonight.
Good Night Kanjani8.
When I did Q&A corner and other things,
30 minutes passed in the end...

Sorry (in Kansaiben), it got long again.

And then, when I record while drinking and eating snacks,
since my phone microphone's performance is too good,
the sound of my chewing all enter the recording.

Sorry to those who are uncomfortable with such sound.

I finally understand now why my parents always scold me
"When you eat, don't speak*!!" [He actually mispelled ww cute]
Before lol

I think it's a just nice timing for you to listen to it
after you took your bath and preparing for sleep.

Let's work hard today too.

I hope it will be a restful sleep 🙏🙏🙏

5/18 #317

I heard this from a friend that
when they do teleconferencing meeting,
the face are supposed to be shown but
most of the female staff doesn't show their faces.

I understand that feeling.
We have to put on make up to show our face, right...

For me too, because there's no make up staff
for remote filming, I'm full of anxieties.
There's things that I can't set up on my own
For me who wears caps 365 days a year,
it's like the universe.

At the time when my face is swollen,
I wear cap and put on my hoodie.
I hide my face.

To have the inside of the house being seen,
the unpleasant feeling of having people poke
their nose into it
And there's all sorts of problems that rise out
of that too.

Which is why, in my case, I show nothing other than the wall.

After meeting, there's also a difficulty in declining the
 invitation to have a drinking session.

So, without leaving a trailing note, I just said
"Thank you for the hard work!"
and straight off shut down the computer. lol

Let's protect our own mental health by ourselves lol lol

[I think it's an issue that Yu-kun raised on Kanjam before that was
explained by Yoko and Hina. Kura has a really distinct 'on' and 'off'
mode work wise so for remote filming, it's harder to do so but seems
that he's determined to figure out how to do it for remote filming
so, that's great! And as a fellow introvert, I understand the
need to switch off from people lol]

5/18 #318

For those who are searching the differences

The first series,
Gold earring

The secold series,
silver earring

Sometimes I remove my piercings

In regards to the length of my hair,
colour and also body weight wise,
there's a bit of differences to them.

Let's start, spot the differences

[He's talking about his photoshootings for
Kyuso Cheese promo. One batch of magazine shooting is done in
different month from second batch so he ask us to figure out
which was shot in batch one and then batch 2 lol]
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