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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 319 & 320

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

5/19 #319

I starting doing voice training in December
and 5 months had passed since then. 🗣️

My teacher gave me a lot of knowledge and
lessons from medical and phonetics point of views.

In the midst of that, there is something that
I'm really worried about now.

For example, in my case.

Size wise, I am tall, so apparently,
even my vocal chord is larger than the average.

The part where my Adam's apple protrude,
that space in my throat is big
and then,  the part where my neck is long,
my tongue 👅 is long too.

Therefore, apparently my throat is an
instrument that is difficult to work with.

The inside of the throat can get wider and it
can gets narrower too.
Because my tongue can do all sorts of movements,
the range of it moving around widens too.
Because of the high degree of freedom, when I sing,
it's really hard to train it to a correct shape lol lol.

After change of voice, I have been living with this vocal
chord for 20 years.
As I go to karaoke, I work on how will I get to hit the
high notes.

And so, I thought that my characteristics is that only
my bass range is wide.

Even the opinions of the people around me are the same too,
and even the fans said that they like my low singing voice.

That's why, I made the best of my characteristics
by singing the lower harmony lines.
Though, there's sometime where I do get to sing the main line...

This is actually dangerous.

Because I been going on singing lower harmony continuously
for 15 years all these while, my vocal chord becomes even more
a vocal chord that can only sing no other range other than lower
Little by little, I couldn't produce high range voice and it gets
harder and harder to do so and I stop singing in main lines.
I'm at my utmost limit already when I sing CloveR's A melody.

If it's not 1 octave lower, then I couldn't sing anything anymore.
For J-Pop, there's no song that I could sing.
That's because I can only sing the A melody.
So there's no fun in going to karaoke like that (lol).

Even my vocalization is wrong
I lock my vocal chord until it's stiff
I used the energy from my abs and screamed
and then it feels like I have to squeeze my voice out.

If you watch the part where I sing the bridge near the end
of LIFE~ me no mae no mukou e~
I think you will understand it.
You will understand that year by year, I scream harder and harder.

And this is dangerous.

But because I'm in a group, I am saved.
Because there is someone else who can sing the main part!!

Chances are, if I keep on continuing to scream and also singing the main
lines at the same time, soon, I wouldn't be able to produce that
area of voice anymore and I couldn't even sing anymore.

That is why, if I didn't singing songs of more different ranges
and keep on singing the same range, then my throat will be that
sort of throat who can only sing that same range.

But, there's also a possibility of if one only sing high range
notes only, on the other hand, the lower range voice couldn't appear
anymore and even if it does, it sounds like it doesn't have strength.

So, it's only a range that suits those people! Only them!
But when it keeps on being distributed (song), when it comes to
someone like me, it will become a mass production instead.

Even just this knowledge, I want you to properly know this.

Which is why, I'm worried of the juniors.

It's important to understand your own instrument (vocal chord)
since you're young and practice the correct way to utilize it
while singing many different parts.

And with that, you will be able to produce high notes too.
Lower voice range seems to have its limits but if you do special
trainings for it, even for voice that is so low and breathy like
voice can be corrected too.

Therefore, if you didn't balance your singing range properly by
singing low, high and middle range too, then your instruments (vocal
chord) will be damaged.

Nonetheless, on top of that, you can distribute your individuality
in each of that.

Up until now, I have always been singing the lower harmony lol lol
When I can do all the ranges properly already, I think
from then on I need to put it into practice and explain it.

I'm still trying to get the hang of it.
As a consequent of having been doing it like that so much for nearly
20 years, it's hard to get rid of the bad habits.

My low range will forever be here to stay.
So don't worry about it.

There's an artist who teach me this,
"First, there's a lot of people who has this
soft way of singing, y'know?"
For me who sings very loudly starting from even A melody,
this knowledge is shocking.

And, I'm continuing my practice so that I'll be able to
sing with that softness and increase my range of expression.
Which is why, recently I reduce the lower composition and I
come to keep on singing gently (lol).

I'm still at that stage where
eventually, my way of singing and my voice
return to its old way.

I'm still halfway towards growth.

Therefore, I want to say that this may take up to year, lol

In the midst of my progress, I will keep on singing more and
more, okay? 😎😎😎

5/19 #320

(pic of his breakfast)

Today, even after I have learned my lesson,
my side dishes end up increasing again.

I made stir fried vegetables and miso soup.

Other than that, convenience store is the best 😂😂

And then, I'll eat less for lunch and I'll change my
dinner to just snacking...I need to return (to my old weight)
bit by bit ^-^

Or else I'd get sleepy

For stir fried vegetables, I cook it Japanese style.
I like Chinese style too but I wonder where did my
Chinese food ingredients disappear...seriously

I really like yesterday's "See you panda" (Maru's gag from yesterday's Chronicle)
 so much that I record it and messaged it to Maru 🐼
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