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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 334 to 342

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

(..)- Is Kura
[...]- is me

5/30 #334

One imagines the ideal person they want to be
in their head and work on making it come true.

However, the ideal needs to be compatible
with one's true nature too.
In situation where unknowingly the ideal
end up supressing the person's true feeling,
it feels like it may cause one's mental health to break down.

Of course it's important to pursue one's ideal,
But, it's also important to face yourself
and to not lie to your own heart.

If there's a part of you that's greedy
or there's part of you that you think is no good,
accept it as it is.
Forgive yourself.
I think, one can live by being kind to others
in the truest meaning when one give love
by listening to their heart.

(※ I spent my day with nothing special happening)

5/30 #335

I played the exercise game at home way too much
that I got one hell of muscle aches.
[www... so it is Ring Fit]

It was really amazing... it was scary.
I couldn't move.

And then, I took a walk for 1 hour.

Sweated in the bathroom
Recover my metabolism
And it feels like pyo~n nu~n

5/30 #336

I met Maru face to face again after a long absence
Even though he had successfully lost weight before the
self-restrain period

He had become one pack Maru again lol lol

5/30 #337

Today, it is as hot as the summer.

And immediately I see it there

Chillism summer.

5/30 #338

At the time when I suddenly look down,
I think, "I'm tall huh?"

Compared to the time when I was really young,
I think the floor is now very far.

I'm not only tall
my limbs are long too
My face is small too
My neck is long
And I'm a Johnny's too
I have been a Johnny's for 16 years*
and I've did modelling work before too.
And I can play drums too...


I'm, annoying.

[I guess he counts from eito's debut or else he'd actually
had been a Johnnys for 23 years. And the whipsplash from his self
complimenting to self deprecating moment XD]

5/30 #339

When I eat simmered seaweed with rice

I really feel that I'm glad to be a Japanese.

But, I really want to speak in English.

5/30 #340

Even though I don't experience any inconvenience
due to not having a car,
but sometimes I feel like wanting to drive, y'know

I wonder if I can still do parallel parking...

There's nothing more embarassing than hitting or scratching the car

Sooner or later...

I wonder if there's anyone who would buy me a car

[Maru. Pls say no. Yasu, please keep the limit at rice cooker =A=]

5/31 #341

I fall asleep easily with the pillow
that Murakami-kun gave me

Explosion of sleep!!! [Baku min]

When I was a kid, I often go
to the Chinese restaurant called min min [sleep sleep]

[Apparently that restaurant still exist in Osaka lol]

5/31 #342

From tomorrow onwards,
things will reopen level by level huh?

In the end, I realized that
there's a lot of waste in the way of work
Even though it's supposed to be better if it changes
it still surely wouldn't change huh

Things that can be done from home
Things that can be delivered from home
I think, it will remain with us that this
is one of possible strategy too.

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