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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 345 to 350

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

6/3 #345

Isn't it really hot and humid yesterday night??

I did the exercise game and got drenched in
sweat and today, I end up with really bad
muscle aches.

And then, I couldn't sleep well. 😑😑

Is the rainy season approaching close...

6/3 #346

(Picture of a sketch book and marker on Kura's thigh
His legs kinda crossed heh heh)

Today is remote filming.

In normal situation, the sketch book that directors
use for cue cards are a necessity.

Within these few months, it became a mysterious world.

6/5 #347

Everybody, what's your opinion about VR?

First, we need to have the equiptments prepared, right.
Even the cheapests ones to be used with smartphones will cost
around 3000 yen
And even that is pretty costly already, right?

I wonder if people want to watch content up to having to use that...
I was told that girls don't really like wearing that!!

Please tell me your opinion.

6/5 #348

First of all, in order to experience VR,
I will buy stuffs to certain extent.

The latest equiptment
The latest technology
In this corona misfortune era
Forms of entertainment that can be delivered
Including some forms that may be gone for good
and forms that remains
I'm sure there's mountains of them.

Number one is, live concerts.
For us, we think that is the utmost valuable thing,
Level wise, and planning wise,
And schedule wise for you guys too
On this day whether you can come or not
or "I definitely want to attend (watch) this tour final!"
Et cetera...

Even if everyone has different level of satisfaction
I'm thinking that this could be a good idea too.

Make a move before you say it out.
And with that, I will investigate with all my might ^_^

6/5 #349

(Picture of washable face mask)

This mask, it is made of cloth material that is cooling
So it's comfortable!

Wash, wash and use.

6/6 #350

Whether one do something or not,
future will arrive and time will pass.

Things may not change even when you do something about it
It may be fun even if you didn't do anything about it

If you do something you may be critisized for it,
and if you didn't do it you may not be critisized for it.

And with that... you stop doing anything, right.

It's a world that is difficult to live in huh?

However, one just enjoy living on without fearing changes

A human's feeling changes easily
and the speed of the world is pretty fast too.

Nobody knows what will happen.

Nothing actually happens,
I'm just brushing my teeth now.

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