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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 353 to 357

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

6/24 #353

LINE stamps, we talked about it during 47 con MC too right!
It became a reality!
It's thanks to Johnny's (the company)!
Thanks to Smile Up (project) too!
From the moment it got decided,
it moves forward very speedily,
thank you agency staffs and LINE staffs.

I think I'm going to use it a whole lots!
Everyone use it too okay!!

Also, it's going to be clear which member is it who mess up lol...

Look forward to it!

6/29 #354

Chi na

While wondering what happens to Japanese languages, I pretty much like the word senses too!

[It's all JK -teenage slangs. I'm.... not going to attempt to search for the meanings lol]

7/4 #355

While looking at this web, I'm wondering if
those who are evacuating now doing okay?
It's scary right.
Even though I'm incapable of doing anything,
I'm praying that you can evacuate quickly.

When I called my friend in Kumamoto, it seems that
he would evacuate according to the condition of the
flood of the river so I'm worried.

Life, is the number 1 most important thing. That's right.

[I guess he's talking about Factelier Yamada-san. Nonetheless, don't worry too much about everything Kura! uwu; Your own health first]

7/7 #356

Tanabata 🎋🎋🎋
Everybody, what sort of wish do you pray to the
stars today?

On such a cloudy day like this,
will we be able to see a beautiful night sky?

However, we have entered a long tunnel, huh?

Even though there's orange light at regular intervals
that helps to prevent the sight in front of us from
being completely dark,
I guess, it's still too early for the darkness
to completely clear away

Step by step,
Let's walk forward to the new world, okay?

7/7 #357

I didn't get to practice new music instruments at all.
There's DREAM ISLAND (concert) too so
I guess maybe I could do it after summer ends~

Summer, it'd be nice if I could get to bask
in the sun even just for a bit.

On the earth, wherever we are
we can get to bask (in the sun?) equally, right?

There's the theory of everyone are under the same
sky after all.

The person one likes too
The artist one likes too
That beloved, that person too
Everybody lives under the same sky.
By just thinking of that, the heart settles down

I think people's lives can be changed by the way they think.
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