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[Jweb Translation] Yasu Boku Jweb 10.7 & 11.7

Boku 10.07

(Maru frustrated face in Gr8est making of)

It's clearly understood that it's not just me...

Everyone are desperately trying to fill the empty hole
This is the face of Maru who feels frustrated because
he forgot to sing and fill in the empty hole that Shibuyan had left

There are many things that happens in one's life, right~

A frustrated face will leads towards a good expression
The moment when people decides to grow
To the person who goes through it, they are suffering
But most probably, they are the most beautiful in that moment

Boku 11.7

(Picture of Ohkura singing during Gr8est con)

That guy, he's good at acting like he is tough

It feels like his innermost heart is more often than not is actually in a bad weather
As his companion, as someone who is by his side, I know that

All of his emotions, appears in the depth of his eyes

"In the depth of the depth of his black eyes"

It's better to express it that way~

Right there
Without any lies
I wonder if you can feel his awkwardness, his earnestness and his firmness

Even though he's about to be crushed by reality, he desperately endures it
and challenges on
From his eyes, you can see that he is most probably being swallowed up but he still want to encourage himself and persist on no matter what

He's indeed
"The way of life that does not rely on the instinct"

Is what made everybody falls in love with him

His side glance that is fleeting and is about to break apart
In midst of his toughness, his fragility shines
Suddenly, I feel like reaching out to him

And I think, "It's okay, you can cry sometimes" 😌

Though, once you become an adult
The situations where you can't cry increases


"No such thing,
we unconsciously start crying the moment we're born into this world,
it's a way to express our emotion 👍
It's nothing to be ashamed of
Tears is the number 1 universal language
It's okay to want your heart to be understood"

I really want to convey this ٩(^ᴗ^)۶
These are words that will strike a chord with anybody.
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