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[Jweb Translation] Yasu Boku Jweb 12.7

Yasu's Boku Jweb 12.7

Was it in 2013 that he started doing it?

And with that said
he start to train from scratch last year?

It's a really huge ordeal to be throwing
oneself into something new once one had
become an adult, right? 🤔

"Can I really do it?"
"Will I quit doing it halfway?"
"If I were to quit doing it halfway,
isn't my attitude towards life really lame?"
such things will play in one's mind (lol)
It's such things that makes one feel troubled
whenever one is making a decision😅
The shadow of worries follows around. lol

Even though one had battled to make the resolution
But the weak side of oneself appears again
And feeling disgusted with that weak self and feel down...
And so, one doesn't start (doing the new thing). lol lol

It's a pattern that often happen ⤵️🤣
Even for me, that did happen too (lol)

that guy, the things that he didn't work on
previously, he works on it now.
He works on a lot of things 🎤

People don't have expiry date, after all ✨
The interesting is that
The more people polish themselves,
the longer their expiry date extends ✨

That guy
He thinks of wanting to grow even more is because

He doesn't want to hurt his own pride.
Also, if it could be something that becomes
weapon for the group,
he will fight with all his might.
I guess he get the inspiration from yankee spirit ✨
[Members always said that jr era Yoko is yankee www]

That guy
He hates things that are twisted and
is actually the theory type.

Because he speaks with his senses
so it's hard for him to explain things to others (lol)
Because his theory is already completed in his head 🤣
Because I too have a super human senses,
so I understand him quickly 👍

Above the character of senses type of human
are that they are awkward 😂
Even though they are actually full of love
They sucks at bringing the love up to the surface and
express it (lol)

His awkward part,
His unskillful part,
He often think that it doesn't show
But, it's all completely shown (lol)

especially during the time when he's listening to topics
that he's not interested in, it's completely revealed on his face
On the other hand, when it's something he's interested in,
he really digs himself into it.

There's also situations related to his family background
So he acts strong in order to not get hurt.
He established a protection line so that his heart wouldn't
be wounded.
Tens of layers.
No, that's wrong.

Hundreds of layers!!

When he's filled with things to say,
he'd always say "Really (Honto ni)" a lot (lol)

I can always hear his fighting spirit that becomes quiet.
He seems like he's not thinking of anything when he's thinking
of something,
and seems like he's thinking of something when he's not thinking of
This mysterious human, I don't think even he understands himself.

At any rate, even at this time he's probably hiding something
and is fighting on, most probably 😌✨

Even though he's shy, he's reliable

(Pic of Yoko practicing trumpet)

The big brother that I love 👍
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