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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 362 to 367

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

7/13 #362

I guess, eco bags has become a neccesity now huh 🤔🤔🤔

7/13 #363

In midst of Kurasumasu being on a break now
(Even though I said that, I still updates it some here and there)

Towards the day of online live concert of 28th July,
While doing it as I please
I talk to the Team Green a bit here and there
But if we didn't communicate properly about what is the song
we're going to sing then there's no way that it'd be a good

It's a scolding received from the heaven

So allow me to hijack this place
and let this place be a place for team green to communicate

We'll show how we decides on the song
and the strategy we'll take
And you will get to see it all
If you have any harsh criticism about it
please keep it in your heart and don't express it aloud
My thought is that it'd be nice if you could watch over us with a warm eyes

The one with the highest communication skill will be the 35 years old me!!!

That's what I'm thinking of but

(In our group)
There's someone who is high school student
There's someone who is in their early 20s
There's someone in their late 20s

And someone in their 30s

It seems like this will cause a lot of generation gap,
but since this place exist,
allow me to make effective use of kurasumasu.

I will update too
so allow us to hijack your heart too ☘️☘️☘️

It will start from tomorrow onwards!!

7/14 #364

Well then!!
Members of team green!!

Finally, we are starting to move towards 28th of July.

First of all,
let me apologize for not referring to the captain
and just get carried away with carrying out this plan
of hijacking my own blog.

Urm, since that from now on, other than eighters,
West's fans,
Naniwa's fans,
Aee's fans,
Lil's fans
will be coming here

I will make a self introduction for the sake of those
who don't know me.

I'm Kanjani8's Ohkura Tadayoshi.
Um, I'm the one with the longest history of being green
keep it a secret that I like blue better than green.
Keep it a secret too that my member who is in charge
of blue actually likes green

(Why don't you guys just exchange then...)

...About that.
When I realize it, it's already to late to change.

This year,
I've turned 35 years old.
I wonder what the teen thinks of me.

Our fans name are eighters, but I think eighters who are in their
teens (now) really has discerning eyes.

And then, I have economic power (lol)
Especially in my parentage...
Also, I'm a very high spec Johnny's who hits the drums.
I was asked if I am one of the flower boys. ww

I believe that it would have been better if it's F5
(with me in it)

...Would I get my head beaten up (due to that)?

Well, I live my life with full of complexes about myself lol lol

With that,
you guys too (green members)
write about your strong points,
foods that you like,
type of girls that you like
and makes the heart of the readers go kyun kyun
while protecting the idols rules

Makes a self introduction where the many readers who watch this
can remember you

Well then,
after this, we need to start with our strategy meeting!!

# Dream Island Ohkura

7/14 #365

☀️ Good evening 🌙
You can read my part any time as I
mixed my whole self introduction up!
I'm Johnny's West Kamiyama Tomohiro ✨
My history as a green since I debuted had turned
6 years 5 months.
Compared to Ohkura-kun, my history as a green
is still shallow, but in my own way, I have come this far.
By the way, my favourite colour is gold (Because I'm a Kansai person.
I love shining things)
I've been given the opportunity to be the Dream Island Green's captain!
This had been decided by the time I realized it lol.
Since it's a great responsibility, I would like to carry out the
duty properly!
There's part when I'm lacking so Ohkura-senpai!
I'd be grateful for your guidance 🙇🏼‍♂️
I'm sure there's some who get to know me for the first time today
So I will introduce myself with Ohkura-kun's request + a light self intro
of myself.
I'm a 27 years old from Hyogo prefecture. It's been 17 years since I entered
Height is 170 cm, weight is combination of 3 apples 🍎.
I have a total of 10 piercings holes in both of my ears.
In Johnny's West, I do songwriting and design choreography!
I have made quite a few works so if you're interested, do
have a look at it 👍🏽
I've started dancing since I'm 5 years old and I can play
a lot of music instruments! (I mainly love guitar best)
My strength is my smile! (I kinda really like my own smile)
My favourite foods are crepes and parfaits! (Overall, I likes all
kinds of sweets)
The types that I like is someone who supports me (In other words,
I love all the fans)
How about that! Ohkura-kun!
As an idol, I gave pretty great answers right! Lol
Well, it end up being long.
For the sake of 28th July, I would like to deepen the
bond between the 5 of us
So within this short time, Dream Island Green members,
fans, please take care of us!
Then, some words as a captain.
Kazuya! Masaya! Ruku! Also Tacchon!
Let's work together, okay ✨
(I'm sorry Ohkura-kun, I get carried away)

#Dream Island Kamiyama

7/14 #366

I'm Lil Kansai's Toma Ruku! 🦖

To the person who met me for the first time, nice to meet you! 😄

To those who knows me, hello! 😁

Since team green is hijacking kurasumasu this time

I'm sure there's a lot who doesn't know me
So I'm making my self introduction 😁

When people looking at my Toma Ruku's kanji
for the first time,
there's some who are like "How do I pronounce this? 🤔" lol

It's Toma Ruku!

It's a very kira kira name to the world, right!

I was always asked if my parents likes Star Wars
But it's really not based on Luke Skywalkers lol
I love Star Wars so I'm happy that I have the same name
as the protagonist of my favourite movie 😆

I'm a 16 years old who was born on 22nd of April 2004! 😃

Since Ohkura-kun's history as green is 17 years,
then I'm someone who haven't even live as long as Ohkura-kun's
history as a green.

Such me, my history as green is about 1 year and a half! ✌️

My strength is I'm good at sleeping early and waking up early!
On the other hand, if the rehearsal is until night, I will get
sleepy 😔

On the other hand, what I thought as my weakness is
that I forget easily 😅

My favourite food is eggplant 🍆
and I guess gyoza
Recently I'm addicted to nan and I always eat it with
members 👍🏿

The type of girls that I like lol
I always answer someone who looks like cats 🐱
It means someone who looks tsundere but actually
wants people to pay attention to them lol

So my self introduction is like this!
I'll be happy if those who doesn't know me
get to remember this 😁

Thank you for reading until the end!


# Dream Island Toma

7/14 #367

Kami-chan... aren't your self intro 100% marks?
Combination of 3 apples 🍎, that's amazing.

The only thing that I could think of is
my favourite size is apple size...
(That's a negative influence to the young idols)

Ruku, you're born in the year of my debut...
Huh? Are you my child?
If you like eggplant, there's an eggplant acquintance
of mine who has a really strong personality,
I will introduce him to you.

Oh yeah, since there's member who is in high school
and in university, weekdays are difficult!!

Kami-chan is in midst of stage lesson
and I'm busy too

Huh, Ohashi...?
You're the only one I can't comprehend. ww

Hurry up and update 😎😎😎

# Dream Island Ohkura

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