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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 368 to 372

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

7/14 368

Everybody, thanks for the hard work! 😆

And then, I'm always
indebted to Ohkura-kun (Ohkura Tadayoshi) 🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻

I'm Naniwa Danshi's 💚 Ohashi Kazuya💚!

Also, I'm Dream Island Green's 💚Ohashi Kazuya💚 lol lol

Until now I still don't understand the meaning of 'hijack'

that Ohkura-kun (Ohkura Tadayoshi) and Ruku's (Toma Ruku) said

so I'm writing this while feeling trouble about the word 🤣🤣🤣

To fans of Kanjani8-san, Johnny's West-san,

Aee! Group, Lil-Kansai

Who are reading this,

I'll give a brief introduction of myself!!

Name: Ohashi Kazuya
Date of Birth: 9th August 1997
Blood Type: B Type
Height 167 cm
Weight: 60.8 kg (I need to lose more weight 😭)
Foot size: 27.0 cm
Birthplace: Osaka (Up until 3 years old, I was in Fukuoka)
Favourite Food: [Lin's insert: It's a wall of texts about food,
I'm skipping this part wwww]
Hobbies: Reading, Gaming
Things that I'm hooked on now: Reading manga before sleep,
Going to yakiniku once a week (This is not exactly a must), bowling,
watching movies, watching the sky, observing people, game,
morning time, watching cooking videos, muscle training

See 😊

It's brief, right? 😆😆😆

I have always wrote this many of foods that I love
on my Nikkan Naniwa Danshi jweb lol lol

Every week, it will increases one by one 😁

My strength is my high spirited loud voice

Type of girls that I like

Someone who can laugh together with me!

During concert, you usually seems to have so much fun and grins so much

So could it be that my favourite type of girls...

There is only one answer😎😎😎

I wonder if this is alright...


Is this okay???

You're really kind and treats me to a lot of meals


I really respect your dance and singing skills and you
treated to a lot of meals too

Kamiyama-kun (Kamiyama Tomohiro)!!!!

I'm jealous of your skills at being able to do absolutely anything!

Masaya (Sano Masaya)!!!!!

Your eyes are so round, you're so cute!!!!


Everybody has different strength, so I'm really, really
happy to be a part of Dream Island Green ❤ ️ ❤ ️ ❤ ️

Green is a healing colour 😊😊😊

I will work hard so that I will be able to make everybody

feel healed, spirited and have fun and feel happiness

So please take care of me!!!!



Does it hurt when you pierced your ears?

#Dream Island Ohashi

7/14 #369

Excuse me for intruding

Nice to meet you!
I'm Aee! Group's Sano Masaya ‼️‼️‼️

I couldn't believe
that the day where I can appear on Kurasumasu will come...

Ah, Ohkura-kun!

I've been accepted into university!
And since you think of me as being in my early 20s,
I'm happy to be thought as young lol

When I'm in the middle of making decision for my
university course, I have been asking for advices from
Ohkura-kun so many times, so thank you so much!

But, such me,


I'm a bias of blue...

I'm Yasu bias... lol

I think there's a lot of those who met me for the first time
now so allow me to give a bit of introduction of myself!

I'm Sano Masaya!

I'm 18 years old and was born in 2002.
Height is a bit towards 180 cm

Among the 5 of us, my green history is the shallowest yet
that is about 1 year and half.
I'm a super newbie.

Like Ohkura-kun, I'm the youngest member (in my group)
and a drummer!

Also, though I'm not boasting about it,

Among all the Johnny's, I have the biggest eyes
That's my strength lol

My favourite food is mino
At yakiniku I start with mino and ends with mino
Compared to sauce, I prefer salt.

Type of girls that I like, are those who smile a lot!

I'm sorry for such common answer lol

Even though I'm a newbie of green, I will work hard
with full enthusiasm

To everyone of Dream Island Green, also to those
who calls, please that care of me!!!!

#Dream Island Green Sano

7/15 #370

Well, Ruku's was cute.
Sano is the type who wrote his points clearly and conscisely.
(However, about 'that', it's fine with me... There's a lot of things anyway,
un, there's matters of preferences, and you have worked together too,
un, un... You're Yasu's bias huh)

And then, Ohashi-kun 🤲🏼
First of all, there's way too many line breaks.

Your favourite foods are way too many.
I want you to just write "all the foods in the world"

After I read it...
In conclusion, it's really Ohashi Kazuya-ish. He really loves eating.
Let's laugh together!! Please support us,

Yosh, Ohkura sensei's
Japanese language lesson
is starting. 👓👓👓

#Dream Island Ohkura

7/15 #371

To Ohashi,
If you want to know whether piercing hurts or not,
please say one secret that you've never told anyone before


#Dream Island Kamiyama

7/15 #372

For me, I made the piercing to my left ear with
safety pin so it hurts.
For my right ear, I did it with piercing gun
when I was drunk so it doesn't hurt.

Speaking of which,
Ruku is school student?
Sano is university student?

What's in trend recently?
Please teach me that.
How about green team do that!

# Idle talk
# Team green's day off
# Unrelated
# Dream Island Ohkura
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