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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 373 to 377

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

7/15 #373

Rather than among the high school students
It's more like it's among Lil Kansai
It's something that's popular among us now

It's called

# After school Lil

It's something that we did on ISLAND TV
we did Word Wolf
or non verbal communication game
or word chain game

We did it via remote video😁
Everybody are busy so I think Word Wolf will
be hard for everyone 😅

#Dream Island Green Toma

7/15 #374

Everybody, thank you for your hard work 😊

I'm Naniwa Danshi and also Dream Island Green's💚
Ohashi Kazuya 💚!!!

I received a question in return to my question to
Kamiyama (Kamiyama Tomohiro)-kun lol lol 🤣🤣🤣

The question is "A secret that I've never told anybody
else before"

"Say it!!"

In that case, I wonder what lol lol

I don't have any... Ahhhh! I have!!!!

About one year ago, I went to Ohkura-kun (Ohkura Tadayoshi)'s

And since he has so many clothes, I said please give me some
and he did but

I haven't even wore it even once but where did it go though...

But, I didn't mean I lost it lol lol

I keep it very carefully that I end up forgetting where I kept it

I will go and find it properly!!!!!

Ohkura-kun, don't get mad, okay❤️❤️❤️

I would love to have lots of Kamiyama-kun's clothes too!

I will exchange it with Ruku (Toma Ruku) and Masaya (Sano Masaya)!!


#Dream Green Kazuya

7/16 #375

To Ohashi

Thank you for answering my question.
Well, I guess that's enough.
I will answer if piercings hurts or not.
The answer is.

It's different for each person.

Also, I always clear up my clothes so I don't really compile much
clothes, so wait for it, okay.


#Dream Island Green Kamiyama

7/16 #376


Wait a minute!!
Word Wolf...

Even though the names are different
We did it on Kanjani8 Chronicle too...

So it was done because it was in trend huh!!

I'm good at it 😏 lol

Such thing,
would be nice to do it at the real event.
Even if it's not us who do it or even if it's not
our colour.
This might get confusing, and it's not even related to 7/28
but sooner or later, this is becoming a hobby instead.


Don't get me involved with
Kami-chan's order to you.


In the end, what should we do? lol

On the youtube meeting, mostly I was the only
one who was talking
Ruku and Sano was so nervous that your faces are stiff!

When you heard about this team line up
What are the things and songs you imagined

Without feeling cautious, just answer as it is 💩💩💩

#Dream Green Ohkura

7/16 #377

Well, what should we do 🤔
I was simply thinking that it'd be interesting if we could
make the same member colours medley,
so I'm so looking forward to it!
Also, since I'm an eighter too, I was thinking that someday
I would like to sing 8's song🥺✨

#Dream Green Kamiyama
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