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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 378 to 382

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

7/16 #378

This is Aee! group and Dream Island Green's Sano Masaya!

'Inevitable' a blue bias... is's supposed to be
It was a typo! I'm sorry


I've never been given a hand-me-down clothes before... cry

during the first time Ohkura-kun teaches me about drumming

While holding the drumsticks, you said, "Eh~ it's your turn"
Until now, I still keep the drumsticks you gave me with good care! lol

Do you remember lol lol



Rather than hand-me-down clothes...

I'm waiting for

hand-me-down drums..


Speaking of current stuffs that are in trend

We did it on ISLAND TV's "Sore eeyan"!

What is something that starts with 〇(Japanese syllables)?

Such theme will come out, and with that theme, we decide
a 'correct answer' that belongs to us alone!

As example,

Something that has a member colour of green and starts with 'a' is?

It's like that!
It covers a lot of subjects and sometimes even generations gaps
appears too so it was interesting!

🟢 When I first heard that there will be a member colour medley,
I was imagining about how would it be if I were do to twin drums
with Ohkura-kun!

#Dream Island Green Sano

7/16 #379


Kami-chan is an eighter?!
Thank you for your considerateness😊
Let's do it.
Together, Kanjani8's song ^_^

Sayonara wa itsumo
or Frozen Margarita

will be great!!

This time, there will be places where we can do it together, right?
Though it's a secret how many songs it will be lol lol

the voting results this time around
There's a lot of Kanjani8's dance songs
But, a lot of things had happened to
There are songs that I want to keep within me, the way it's originally
and there's songs that I was wondering if we should do on 28th July...
I end up thinking of a lot of things.

I'm sure some of you will be like
"Then what's the meaning of doing the voting!!"
But, it's because I'm happy to hear the fans feelings
So, someday, I don't know in what form it will be
but I thought that.. it'd be nice if we could perform it by then.
Thank you for everybody who voted.


Such thing as clothes, I can give you clothes anytime!
Though, saying that I gave it away...
It's more like Ohashi and Nagao just took them on their own
accord lol

Sano, how many tom tom drums do you have?

When was it that I first have my original drums made~?
Was it 5 years ago that I did a full set of originally drums
ordered and made?
The blue ones.

I wonder if I have the ones that I don't use anymore...
But you're 18 years old now, right?

I guess, when you reached 20, I may give you a drum!

Twins drum huh! I was thinking of that too!
It'd be nice if we can do it somewhere at some points!!!

(Sore, eeyan.)

That can be done here!!
Give a theme!!

🟢For me, on youtube, it seems like I'm pushing for ballads,
but the one who start talking about it was Captain Kamiyama!! lol
Well, I agreed immediately though... lol lol

For me, there's a song called
Butterfly I Loved
which is the first solo song that I was given the chance to sing
And I wonders about how would it be if everybody sang it?

Also especially,
since there are 5 of us,
the intro dance to my favourite Arashi's Believe,
I can get enough if it 🥺🥺, I was thinking of that

I was also thinking of wanting us to sing with only music instrument
being piano

I was thinking of a lot of things but if I said so much like this, the
hurdle will only get higher (lol)

It'd be nice if it's a song that everybody in Team Green likes
and everybody enjoys doing the performance 😊

#Dream Island Ohkura

7/16 #380

To Ohkura-kun
I'm seriously a real deal Eighter 🤣
I'm really looking forward to being able to do things together this time ✨
Of course, instead of singing songs that we want to do ourselves,
I, too, have a fan's point of view of "I want to see Kanjani8 sing this song!"
so if there's a chance, I would love to sing it together with eito✨
Right now, we can't talk about the contents yet, but there's a lot
of parts that you can look forward to, and I think you're restless now
but look forward to it! lol

To Sano-kun

Sore eeyan. Let's do it 👍🏼
Theme please!

# Dream Island Green Kamiyama

7/16 #381

Tom tom drums

I'm owning them one by one!

Right now, I'm using drum sets that apparently Ohkura-kun used quite
a few years ago!

(Pic of Sano with Kura's old drums)

I wonder if Eighter-san feel nostalgic with this drums?
Do you remember it?

When I was given the chance to use this drums,

I'm making a request to the roadie that works with Ohkura-kun too
to make the tuning of the drums to be the same with Ohkura-kun's lol

The blue full order drums is too cool!!


Since drums can't move around
I was always jealous of guitars and bass who can appear at the front
fool around

But, when I watch Ohkura-kun's drumming with my own eyes for the first
time at Gr8est

It was so cool

And it becomes the reason why I like drums so much like this

When I reach 20 years old,
I'm looking forward to being able to suit Ohkura-kun's drums!!
I'm excitedly looking forward to it!!

By the way,
Why is the colour blue instead of green?

And, and,
From this Sano with the shallowest history of being green,
allow me to start [Sore eeyan] 👏🏼

1st theme is, starts with 'i', what is it that is important
to an idol?

Please have a discussion and decide what is green's answer!

🟢If it's ballad, I would like to sing my karaoke's speciality

But surely,
Someday I would like to hear Ohkura-kun sing it live
So I'm aborting the request lol

# Dream Island Sano

7/16 #382


Even when I'm watching tv at home
When Ohkura-kun appears, I get nervous 😅
I'm sorry 😅
Please give me some time to get used to it lol

Word Wolf
I'm pretty strong too lol


Since nobody tsukkomi you for it, allow the youngest me to tsukkomi

What on earth is Durian Green? (Lin: I dont even notice that he did that 8D;)
It seems like it'd be really smelly 😅

"Sore eeyan" 👍🏼

Something that starts with "i" that is important to idol~

"The awareness (ishiki) that people watches you all the time"

Maybe it's something like that 😅
So it's like, "Even when you're outside, don't behave irresponsibly!"

🟢 The song that I'm thinking of when I see this members line-up

The one that I think of most is "Game of Love" 😄

💚To every members of Dream Island Green 💚

How about making fans names for fans of Dream Island Green fans?

#Dream Island Green Toma

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