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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 388 to 392

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

7/17 #388

🍮To Ohashi

You can't give away your important gags! lol
If I were to do it, then we'll do it together 🤣
Also, including that, Tacchon's tsukkomi is way too accurate lol.
You hit all the marks all by yourselves. lol
In my group too there's a guy called Hamada-kun who is bad at
Japanese too.
Even though he's a Japanese.
Ohashi, I hope you listen properly to Tacchon's teaching! lol

🟢To everyone,
I have a new theme!

A script that starts with "Ha" that makes the heart goes kyun!

YOU guys! You must make those who watch goes kyun kyun at you!

# Dream Island Green Kamiyama

7/17 #389


Is Tacchon a topic of discussion in your family?
That's P (producer) matters.

Next time, I'll bring you to a popular restaurant!

Surprisingly serious! Me!
If you give me idol related theme, I become someone who can't
read the atmosphere!

More, when the group is around, you are always thinking
so won't you show me the real you? lol

Speaking of which, I'm glad you get to be able to find a
university that fits you!!
Me too, I wan't to go to the university that Sho-kun (Arashi)
went to.
And then, I want to be called xxx-BOY (like Keio Boy).
I wonder if I can fit in?


You get nervous, huh?
Was I too strict? lol

Urm, this will be a little long but...

When I was 22 years old, I was given the chance to work
with Matsuoka-kun who is 10 years older than me, and Higashiyama-san
who is 20 years old older than me.

At that time, I was told to stop being so polite!
I was told by them to "Surpass us!!"
The truth is.

I'm really nervous
I don't have any confidence in acting too
And when I watch the tv
All of them are really amazing people
And from afar I see 2 of my seniors.

At that time, it may have appeared in the video too...
The me who is brushed aside by anyone, I don't have any confidence
to be more noticeable by others

In this world, it's a world that gathers all of the people
from all over Japan with strong will
A few years ago, I thought it's because of my own weak will
that I end up being left out of the drama halfway

So from there, I reflect on myself,
tried out on a lot of things, adds too much and fails.
I repeated it again and again
And I reach to this point now.

That's why, it is the same with Ruku, Sano and Ohashi's current
I don't think you have to feel impatient.
But, you definitely are
I understand your feeling.

But, it's okay to do it at your own pace.

There's some who blooms fast and there's some who blooms slower.
There's some who couldn't bloom at that place, but gets to
bloom at some other places too.

What's important in life is,
The scene where you can grow a lot
And I think, it's something that appears in front of you...

At that time,
I think it's a matter of either you realize it or not.

Posses a heart
that wouldn't have dirty emotions (jealousy, hatred, inferiority complex)

If you purely open your mind, I think
you will be sensitive to the 'realization'.

On the stage, you will get to see a lot of things at the audience
There's time too where the staffs know it but they kept their silence too.

There's time too, even when one thinks, "If this kid grows even more,
he'd be really great" but they didn't say a thing.

But, there's time too when they held out a rope to you so that
you can rise up a bit more.

And that, is where you need to see if you can sense the rope or not.

I'm impertinent, huh.

I think I had came to the age where I can understand the feeling
of my seniors back then.

For me, I was told such things after I have became an adult.
I was rarely scolded.
So, if there's a time when you got scolded,
it's an opportunity for you to grow.

If you were not scolded,
then the only choice you have is to be proactive.

Huh? Starting from the talk about being nervous,
I end up talking about this.

Everybody, I wonder what do you feel from
Kanjani8 and West?

For Kanjani8 and West,
What do you learn from Jr?

28th July will be such day too 🙏🏻🎤🙏🏻

# Dream Island Ohkura

7/17 #390

💚Tacchon & Captain 💚

Well, then, while still being afraid lol

allow me to call you "Tacchon" and "Captain"!!

I got nervous by just watching you on tv, so there's no way
I can call you as "Ohkura" 😅

to Eighters and Jasmines, everybody, somehow, somehow,
it'd be helpful if you can watch over with a warm eyes 🙏


I answered to "Sore eeyan" too!💢

Even though I answered in a model idol answer fashion,
you fully ignored me~~?

Well then, the sore eeyan theme from captain

A script that starts with "Ha" that makes the heart goes kyun!

"Quickly (hayaku), xxx-chan, come here🥺"

By being the youngest,
I fully used the conjugated words,
and that allows me to sound like I'm being doted on lol


From talking about being nervous,
you end up sharing a very important experience
thank you!

"There's some who blooms fast and there's some who blooms slower.
There's some who couldn't bloom at that place, but gets to
bloom at some other places too."

This part really resonate with me
I don't know which type I am
But at the times when I stumble
I think I will remember that

Even at home, my mom always said
"Because you got scolded, you become a flower"
Until Naniwa day, I think there's a lot that I can
absorb and learn from the seniors back

# Dream Island Green Toma

7/17 #391

On ISLAND TV, Ohashi, Sano & Ruku, please announce fans name.

Decide from the comments there.

(Please don't choose stuff like durian aristocrat or something like that)

7/18 #392

I'm Aee! Group also also Dream Island Green's Sano Masaya!


Thank you so much for giving me a place to grow so much like this.

Until 28th July, in order to grow even just a bit... aaaa
With the feeling of borrowing Tacchon and Kami-chan's strength,
right now I'm working so hard to top up my skills to the point
it feels like I'm failing to.

I'm sure there'd be a university that'd fit you.

On the day when I safely finished my university study,
and I get to be called as xxx- boy (Keio Boy etc)

Instead of ordinary curry restaurant, I will take you to a high class
curry restaurant!

So until then

Please bring me out for meals a whole lots. lol
By the way, I like mino... lol lol
The non common ones are totally okay too lol lol

I will definitely graduate from university.
No matter what happen, I will graduate!!

"I will definitely not let you choose giving up on university
in order to have the group be formed"
You said that to me

When I was troubled, I ask for your advice a whole lots,
and that's why I am here now.

So I'll definitely graduate!!!!!!!

Tacchon, seriously thank you so much

☘️Ruku Sorry lol lol

I have no intention to ignore you
Please forgive me
This time, Tacchon's is the correct one! lol

🟩 Also, the 2nd theme!

A script that starts with "Ha" that makes the heart goes kyun!

Aee! Group Sano's answer is

"I like how you are still not aware about your teeth"

Captain, how about it!

# Dream Island Green Sano

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