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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 393 to 397

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

7/18 #393

🍏To Tacchon

You're right!
I think we need to show a back that can be regarded as a senior
too, so we need to work hard so that we can be a cool senior 😤
Of course, there's things that we can learn from Ohashi, Sano-kun
and Ruku
So it'd be nice to move forward by building good relationship,
motivate each other and push each other up ✨

🌱To Ruku

It's totally okay, it's more comfortable to call me that way
so please do so 😊
Of course you'd be nervous after all, right 💦
With this chance, I too, would like us to be closer
so let's know each other better ✨

🌵To Sano
Borrow my strength as much as you need 👍🏼
Kamiyama's chest has space in it.

🍮To Ohashi

Have you been eating too much pudding?

[wwww Kami-chan, what is this tendon joke]

🟢To everyone

Thank you for all of your great answers 👍🏼
Both of you gave really great answers ✨
Ruku take good advantage of his (young) age, and your
answer seems like it'd grab the older ladies heart, so it's pretty great
Sano's answer has a S sort of vibe to it, so the gap is great 😏
I think I need to wait out for more answers.

# Dream Island Green Kamiyama

7/18 #394

🍀Tacchon 🍀

Got it 😄
Will be recruiting names from ISLAND TV's twitter and comments board!
I'm watching the comments on kurasumasu too~✨

🍏Captain 🍏

Thank you! 😄
I myself think that I gave a good answer too lol

# Dream Island Green Toma

7/18 #395

Script that makes the heart goes kyun kyun... that's hard.

Te (ha)... Te(ha)... Te(ha)...

"Te(ha)... urm... My teeth... Until it turn into permanent teeth,
can you wait until then?"


# Dream Island Green Ohkura

[what the heck, Kura XDD]

7/19 #396

#Dream Island Green Kazuya

Everybody, thank you for your hard work 😊

I'm Naniwa Danshi and also Dream Island Green's💚
Ohashi Kazuya 💚!!!

🥑Tacchon senpa~~i!🥑 (Ohkura Tadayoshi)

Thank you for the corrections lol lol
Each of the words are important to me
I'm slower than everyone too
So I do think that I need to be corrected a whole lots more than others
The ones who got scolded are those who grows after all, right!!

🍰 To Captain 🍰 (Kamiyama Tomohiro)

I ate too much pudding, my butt is purin purin lol lol
Have you been eating too much tart~??? lol lol 🤣

🥦To Masaya🥦 (Sano Masaya)

My chest has space too 😎😎😎

🟢 To Dream Island Green 🟢

Script that makes the heart goes kyun kyun starting with "ha"
The way Tacchon use "ha (teeth)" is no good so I'll do it too lol lol ❤️

"Can you show me your teeth (ha)? Indeed, your laughing face is number 1!"

# Genius appears
# Master of the use of teeth

7/19 #397

# Dream Island Green Kamiyama

🍏To Tacchon

What was that supposed to mean?! 🤣 lol
This is the pattern where one couldn't think of any tsukkomi! lol
Ah, I guess it's that?
The baby tooth in the mouth is going kyun kyun (throbbing)?🤔
And when it turns into permanent tooth, that throbbing will be gone 🤔
Let's make it mean to be that way!
Everyone, let's think it's like that!
Because it's like that after all!
I'm sorry, this is the best that I can do
 in my follow up comment already lol

🍮To Ohashi

Yes, you did well👏 lol
Well then, since there's a chance, I'm giving it a try

I ate too much tart, my belly goes tarun tarun ❤️
I'm Kamiyama Tomohiro ❤️

....Ha.... lol

🟢To everyone

Thank you for your great answers 🙇🏻
Everyone's answer is full of personality so it was wonderful!
With that, the winner this time is...

I guess Ohashi 😏
I'm sure you'll be answered with "Eh? Why do I need to show my teeth?"
From that point, you compliment their smile as number 1
The way you turn it that way is really great!
But everyone's answer are great 👍
And actually I really like Tacchon's answer too. lol

Well then! Ru-ku!
Give us a theme!
I'll leave it in your care 👍

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