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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 398 to 402

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

7/19 #398

# Dream Island Green Toma

🟢To everybody 🟢

Right now I'm reading the fans comments
the Durian aristocrat that Tacchon mentioned

received the most comments 😁
There's some who finds it embarassing to be
aristocrat, they suggested "Durian commoners"

The one that has the most suggestion and the
cutest are "Green pisu"

It can be Peace or piece, there's various meanings
to it so it's cute 😆

The one that I personally find to be interesting is

"Green chu/tada"

It is Tacchon's chu but if you were to break it up,
it becomes 'chu' (middle) and 'shin' (heart).

Green middle heart

Green as the center

We talked too on the remote video meeting about how
we wanted green to be the center, right? ✨

🐊Captain 🐊

Order understood!

Well then, the next theme is~...

The name of a cool skill starting from "to or do"🦖

For example
"Jutsu of rock crushing!"
"Dragon (Doragon) xxx xxx"

The person who manage to make me say "So cool!!😲"

Will be the winner lol

7/19 #399

# Dream Island Green Ohkura

🟢 Seee!!! Seee!!! (In super Kansaiben lol)
It's embarassing to call yourself an aristocrat, right!!

I bear that on my shoulder since forever.
Even when I didn't say anything lol

Thank you to the three of you
for moving the voting into activity
Personally, for Ohkura
"Green peace" is really cute.

Green peace!!
Lemme hear your voice!!


(Is there any moment for such thing anyway...)

Dream Green fan's name are green peace.

The idols style who came from the countryside
who haven't been given much budget for costumes
that cherish green properly and spreads environmental

That's great! 1 vote

☘️So difficult!!!
Suddenly a very high school student-ish theme.


[meaning: heart beats fast fast, teen slang, love power,
teen slanggg and then "The moment shower hits, one becomes
a kappa so that's why one needs to dry their hair fast" In
other words, he's talking about Maru wwwww]

7/20 #400

# Dream Green Ohkura

Even Kami-chan, Ru-ku. Sano and me...

We're the earnest/serious type huh, generally (lol)

Ohashi seems like he'd be a great spicy with his
lots of boke, but I know the side of him that is serious
and earnest that he didn't want others to know

Should I talk about it~

I'm sure most of those who become green (member colour)

They can only be
Serious and earnest,
Healing type,
Peaceful with cute smile,
with gap in their personality
and be love across generations, right?

Un un. [Sudden ninja appearance of Yoko wwww]

🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄

7/20 #401

# Dream Islang Green Sano

This is Aee! & Dream Green's Sano Masaya!

I've been reading through fans name applications too ‼️‼️‼️

When I'm calling out for vote in front
of camera, saying "Tacchon, Kami-chan" made me really nervous lol

I couldn't even get used to writing that down yet

Thank you to everyone who's thinking of the fans name!

Also, everybody loves aristocrat huh lol

The ones that I find pretty good when I'm reading through
the applications are Leaves, or vegetarian
or Green--> Eco --> Good kids (Eeko) or Clover

It seems like 5 leaves clover exist

and in flower language it means "Fortune"

Still couldn't run away from the aristocrat vibe.

But, I guess Green peace is easy to get familiar to huh?
I think it's cute and I like it!
From Peace to Piece!

When it get decided properly
Like what Tacchon said

We would like to say stuff like
"Green peace, lemme hear your voices!!"

🍮 I know Ohashi has a surprisingly reliable chest
Let me rely on you! lol lol

Your theme is difficult lol

But I know best Ruku's weak points, so I'm planning
to win~

"Door knob crussher!!"

# I think of it for a whole day
# This is my limit
# Ruku save me

🟩 PS To Kami-chan

You call me Sano-kun.... even though
I call you Kami-chan....

7/20 #402

# Dream Island Green Kamiyama

🍏 Tacchon

Un un.
I think it is as you say.
We are indeed really serious, really healing type,
really peaceful, have really cute smile, full of gaps
in personality, and we are loved across generations.

Un un.



Drive Meteor Magnum Tornado!!!!

# Right now, I feel like I'm the only one who's actually
not doing a cool skill



How do you want to be called~😏

Say it~😏


For me, I prefer either Green Peace or Durian Kizoku. lol
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