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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 403 to 407

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

7/20 #403

# Dream Island Green Toma

🍀Tacchon 🍀

"Green peace" is nice right!
Durian aristocrat is really popular too lol 😆


Well.... 🤔

A special skill that one couldn't even image the situation
to it, for the person on the receiving end, they wouldn't know
what kind of attack will come so it's effective! 👍😄

Everyone in Dream Island Green are really serious 😃

And indeed it's filled with people with gaps in their personality

I'm really curious about Ohashi's serious side lol 😏


Drive Meteor Magnum Tornado!!!!


If it's represented by emoji, it's pretty messy, huh lol
It seems like it's filled to the brim and has destructive power 😙
If by power ranking, it's definitely no 1!

Green peace is really cute right 😆

🐸Masaya 🐸

The flower language of 5 leaves clower are fortune...
It's really amazing... lol 😊

"Door knob crussher!!"

.... 🚪 💥

Because it's unpredictable what kind of attack it is
it has high rating~
When thinking of door knob attack, what I'm thinking of
is static electricity 🚪 ⚡️
If it's electricity context skill, then it's will be one
and only so the ranking is high

# Think for another whole day

After everyone had posted their answer,
I will decide the winner 🦖

7/20 #404

# Dream Island Green Kazuya

Everybody, thank you for your hard work 😊

I'm Naniwa Danshi and also Dream Island Green's💚
Ohashi Kazuya 💚!!!

🥑Tacchon senpai🥑 (Ohkura Tadayoshi)

Everyone in green are really serious and nice people!!!
You definitely can't talk about that serious side of me lol lol 🤣
I have a public image to maintain after all lol lol

# Ikemen green
# Lovable green
# The gap of personality makes everyone falls head over heels

🍰 Captain 🍰 (Kamiyama Tomohiro)

I want to be called "Kazuya" ❤️❤️❤️
Kamenashi-kun (Kamenashi Kazuya) is also Kazuya so it's probably
a bit hard to call so "Ka~kun" is fine too 😁😁😁

Thank you for selecting me as the winner!!!!
This means that captain will give his cloth to me, right?! 😆😆😆

🥦To Masaya🥦 (Sano Masaya)

How about calling you "Masamasa"? lol lol

🍆To Ruku🍆 (Toma Ruku)

Let me show you!
The mystery of my destructiveness...

[Dream Eyes Green Nublazer]

# I have to say myself that it's really cool
# Is it my opponent's technique??
# How about that 😏😏😏

🟢 Dream Island Green 🟢

I too, think that Green Peace is nice!
Either it's Green Peace or Green Piece,
both are interesting 😊

7/20 #405

Dream Island Green Ohkura

To all the fans of Kansai group

Just now, I got told that Dream Island ticket
website got congested and it became difficult to be accessed.

We feel really apologetic about it,
And I was told that it's in the process of being restored.
You still have a whole week to purchase the ticket
so I'm leaving it in your care 🙇‍♂️

We too are doing our rehearsal and making preparations
as we look forward to the day of actual performance.

It'd be my happiness that everyone would get to have fun
and be excited ^_^

7/20 #406

Everybody, thank you for your hard work 😊

I'm Naniwa Danshi and also Dream Island Green's💚
Ohashi Kazuya 💚!!!

I have just finished my work just now too!!!

Everyone's feelings are really concentration now right?! 💡

That makes us think that we must work harder!!!

We'll work hard so that we can deliver happiness to everyone
from the stage and so that everyone will be smiling!!

Please wait for a bit 😁😁😁

7/21 #407

# Dream Island Green Sano

This is Aee Green's Sano!

I found out that there's so many people who are buying the tickets
yesterday, I feel once again that to be able to be watched by
so many people like this is such a chance.

In order to responds to everyone's expectations, I will work
hard at rehearsal so that I will exceed the  expectations!
Please look forward to it!

🟩 Kami-chan
Ohashi-kun's propoasl of "Masa masa" comes from how Aee's member
Masakado and him calls me

I think it's best to simply call me Masaya... lol

Nn.... indeed, "Masamasa" is good too.. lol


Aren't you so strict, you keep on asking me to think
for one whole day for everything!

Sure kill skill
Docchisukazuka's Awakening of love

Sure kill skill
That error that can't be helped..!

Sure kill skill
That voice of red pepper stuck between tooth cavity

Sure kill skill
-Tuuma Ryuuuk-

# I'm sorry
# Even when I think for a whole day
# The quality doesn't change

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