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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 408 to 413

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

7/21 #408

# Dream Island Green Kamiyama

Everybody, thank you for purchasing the tickets ✨

Everybody's feelings are really huge and echoes more
than imagined so I'm full of feeling of thankfulness!
You have a week to purchase, so I hope you can access the
website without feeling rushed 💡

In order to exceed everybody's expectation,
right now the rehearsals are going on
On 28th, even though it's via screen,
But I'm looking forward to meeting everyone from the bottom
of my heart 😊
Let's spend a fun time together✨

7/21 #409

# Dream Island Green Ohkura


Thank you for giving suggestions to the 3 on

Due to that, various opinions come into light,
So with that, names that have received the largest
and most impression had been narrowed down to four!!!

From then, we'll let everyone decide from Dream Island
Official Twitter 😊😊😊

We're looking forward to the fans votings.

7/21 #410

# Dream Island Green Ohkura

This is bad, bad, bad!!!!

It seems like it will be decided as Durian Kizoku!!!!!

(Video- Kura saying "Stop fooling around. 🙃 Vote properly.
Seriously 🙃" wwww what can I say Kura, most eighters are trolls.
We learned from the best. ;p)

7/21 #411

# Dream Island Green Toma

To the fans,
Thank you for thinking of various fans name 😊

Also, thank you for the attention given
to Dream Island ticket sales!!

My mom bought a ticket too lol

Only one week is left until the actual performance day❗ ️
Since this is the first time,
We're giving our best as we work together with the staff!!

We couldn't meet each other in close contact
And it's a very hot season too,
So use the cooler as eats shaved ice 🍨 as you watch

The topic that I started for "Sore eeyan"

A cool skill that starts with "To or do"


"Sure kill skill
Docchisukazuka's Awakening of love"

This is not a sure kill skill. Just because you
changed it to katakana, doesn't mean it's good! 😤

"Sure kill skill
That error that can't be helped..!"

This is cool
But, this is supposed to be a cool skill name
If it were to be a cool script, then that might win 😄

"Sure kill skill
That voice of red pepper stuck between tooth cavity"

This one is not a skill too, it's more of an explanation
of why it is disliked 🤔

"Sure kill skill
-Tuuma Ryuuuk-"

If I look only at the characters, it's really good lol
For a moment, I will think "This might be good" 😆

# Thank you
# For thinking of it for a whole day


[Dream Eyes Green Nublazer]

It sounds like a villian's technique
so it's really cool 😁

I thought you're going to fool around more lol
I'm having a hard time to decide now...

Well then, with just a small margin of difference...

🏆Best Award🏆

Captain, do you know that I like Kamen Rider❓ 😳

Next, Ohashi-kun 🍮
Please give your "Sore eeyan" topic 😆


Durian Aristocrat won by a landslide?!

7/21 # Dream Island Green Kamiyama

🍏 Tacchon

Yesterday, from the four choices, I chose Durian Aristocrat too 🤔
Therefore, everybody, it's okay to choose the one you're
most interested in!!
Be truthful!!
Let's go with Durian Aristocrat!! lol


Yay!! ✌️

It's the first time that I heard about Ruku liking Kamen Rider
But since I like rangers and anime, and that's why I chose that


I guess it can't be helped~~

Well then~

I'll call you Masaya 😏👍
Next time, I'll call you Masaya 👍

🍮To Ohashi

I guess it can't be helped~~

Well then~
I call you Ohashi.
From now on I will continue to call you Ohashi

🍮 lol

7/22 #413

Dream Island Green Ohkura

I guess this is something that is planned to win like that...

It was inserted as a joke huh.
Clover 🍀 would have been so cute
And fans name Clover is so idol-ish right?

This, is that.

I forgot about that.

It's my fault....

You guys...

Are fans of Kansai Johnny's group. 😫😫😫

Everybody, you guys have given us lots of water
and nutrition, so it seems like dream green members will be
standing on stage with full of spirit.

Is the rainy season already over?

Summer come!!!!
Japan chain of island!!!

(Pic of umbrella in a green park-ish scenery)

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