abdulraveman wrote in kanjani8

Shibutani Subaru Special Studio Session 2020.10.21

Sharing a weibo post of Subaru's recent Youtube live session in conjunction for his 2nd album "NEED". The video can be downloaded with video downloader extension or online video downloader sites :D


  1. Takaburu (new song)
  2. Wareware ha ningen da
  3. Anagura Seikatsu
  4. Konaide 
  5. Bakuon
  6. Kaze no Uta (new song)
  7. Subarashī sekai ni (new song)

[Band members]

  • Guitar: Tsukamoto Shiro 
  • Bass: Nakamura Shoko 
  • Drums: Shiho
  • Keyboard: Yamamoto Kenta 

link: https://weibo.com/5614994963/JqfrsFKiZ


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