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Okurabu Vol 38 Translation [Ohkura Tadayoshi's Personal Jweb]

Trigger warning: Stalker. If this topic disturbs you, please do not read the translations after the cut

Vol 38

I wonder if the stage play can happen by June (T.T)
[As current rise of COVID-19 case in Japan doesn't seem to be very promising for stage related industry]

I work hard at practice everyday,
well, the only thing you can do is to do what you can do and work hard, right?

Ah, oh yes, 🙄
There's something that I'm in doubt about recently.
Is there no law against ladies who does not respect (Johnny's) rules and
goes out of their ways to always wait in front of the practice hall?

The sin of causing increasing stress
The sin of wanting to see parents face (Does this mean that his parents are harassed too??)
The sin of not listening to people's warning
The sin of still causing Ohkura-kun suffering
The sin of making me feel pathetic for having to explain to my co-stars when they asked "What the heck is going on?"
The sin of me not wanting you to saying you're supporting me no matter what
(There's more that I want to suggest but lawyers will have a hard time so I will stop here🥺)

Because there's justice, then evil exist too.
Because the front exist, the back exist too.
I think that's the truth of the world.

No matter how much I appeal, it still doesn't stop happening
It still won't disappear
Even when staff has spoken to the person and police has spoken to the person
They still ended up coming here

Guys, what do you think?
Don't you guys think that it's nice to have a world where idols can live in peace?

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