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[Jweb Translation] Okurabu Vol 40 & 41

Figured that I could translate Kurara's last 'as a 35 years old and welcoming his 36th years old' Jweb entries as a birthday present.

.... Of sorts. As it is the only skill I ever have. I can't draw, can't write stories, can't bake, can't do anything relatively creative so.... 8D

Warning: It's LOOOOONG. And I mean wtf-are-you-submitting-an-essay-assignment-that-has minimal-words-requirements?! kind of looooonnnng XD. Definitely not your average jweb entry length. Under the cut.

Okurabu Vol 40 (15.05.2021)

Dogs have a constantly sleepy face, right? [Huh? XD?]

You think of them running around
And then collapsing while gasping "Haa... Haaa"
And then they just go and sleep in that position

I wonder if it does have any relation to
my sleepiness?
Ah. No?
Ah, oh yes.

Speaking of which, this will be my last post
at the age of 35.
Tomorrow I will be Saburo (36).

I think this is the first year since my grade 6 year [enter Johnny]
where there's one year where I don't stand on the stage
[ I think he means stage without audience...]

Indeed it really makes me go crazy.
Your voices supports even my personal life.

It's a year where I'm keenly aware of the fact that
Your cheering voices are the ones that supply energy
To my muscles, my brains and right down to my cells level.

However, there's various ways to deliver your voices to me!
So please be at peace

Well, this is rather sudden but
I'm thinking about addiction.

To be captivated by something (people, organization, things)
And when that something is gone, you can't live on
And you lost your control of your mind and thoughts.

When I checked the meaning, it loosely means like this.

"Does this applies to me in any way too?"
When I think of that...
I'm sure that there's a lot who thinks
'This applies to me in a lot of ways.'

Examples such as smartphones,
Games, video sites,
Shopping, and maybe food too.
The person you love, the thing you love.

When I think of it, such addiction is scattered all over our lives.

Well, it's not a very good word feeling wise...
I think for me, to rely on these things is because
It is some kind of defense mechanism
In order to not think of painful things.

In regard to that, during this time's stage play (practice)
When I listen to everyone's stories
It's the part that I really empathize with.

To be addicted to something means
Your thoughts and heart
Will focus on that one thing.

When it got that way, you'd end up thinking
"I won't have to think about things that I don't want to think about"

When one thinks too much, one falls into the vicious cycle,
It something that I empathize with deeply.
So, if there's an escape from that, it would really be awesome.

On Sundays, you watch movies because you didn't want to think
of school or work that will have to be done the next day.

In such way, entertainment plays such role too (addiction, escape).

So to speak, we (eito) too, are people who robs your hearts and thoughts [You're right www]
(Iyan, we are sinful men) [ Tsumi to Natsu lyrics jab]

And with that, it's a chance for me to think once again that
This is a wonderful career.

The 'something' that is really, truly, important.
We probably have to realize what is that something
Within the painful 'reality'.

You'd probably realize something by looking
at that.

This will probably be a work of art that plays a role in presenting such thing.
Like how my heart is captivated by such work of art.

The genre of my current stage play is tragedy.

"When you view at life closely, it's tragedy
And when you view it from a distance, it's comedy."

Like what was said by a famous saying,
By looking at the tragedy of this family,
I would like you to discover your comedy through it.

That is what I thought.

To be meeting such work of art at the age of 35,
To be able to come to think that way,
I once again think how beneficial this moment is to my own life.

... I end up speaking way too seriously.

To be acting such character at the age of 36...
I wonder what will happen to me at this age?
I wonder what kind of role will I encounter?

Good bye, 35 years old
Hello, 36 years old

It's still a long journey to go

the dog that can't stop feeling sleepy [wwwww what]

# Yoru e no nagai tabiji [Title of his stage play in Japanese]
# Long Days Journey into Night [English title of his stage play]
# The night is close by


[Ohkura Tadayoshi's Birthday Festival-He already coined hashtag for fan for his birthday XDDD
What's funny is, a week ago he was like "Don't greet me for my birthday! Don't do anything for me~! And then this week
He was giving all the hints to shower him with love lol. Tsundere much?]

Vol 41 (16.05.2021)

Ridaa (Leader), thank you so much. [TOKIO's Joshima wrote poem to Kurara in his entry today]
I'm smiling
Because ridaa is the essence of it, lol

Such a beautiful poem... tears
I'm hoping that those who befriend Tadayoshi/Chuugi [忠義-loyalty meaning of Kurara's name]
will continue to be one from now on too!

Also, to everyone, thank you for your comments and trending
I'm sure no one else knows that I was the one who asks you guys
to make it go trending, right? lol

To my dearest eighters,
today too,
I devote my love for you princesses too. [He say it in an old fashioned polite Japanese,
I tried to think of classic English but I'm no good at poetry English 8D. Also not sure if one of your
loudest male fans like Toshiki-kun is happy about being called princess XD]

At this age of 36,
I decide to start speaking like this.
I'm gonna do it! [Pls don't. -.-]

I went to stage play training today.
On birthday today,
is Jamie's climax scene of the story [Jamies is his character's name]

This is going to be a stage play that I would never forget lol lol

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