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Yasu Ranger Jweb 240621, Ohkura's Okurabu Jweb Vol 49 & Maru Jweb 250621 (Updated)

I'm sure a lot of eighters are in worries now about eito due to Janiben's announcement so I'm posting entries from Yasu and Ohkura where they reassure eighters!

Yasu Ranger Jweb

The information ban about Janiben had been lifted, right?
For 14 years and 2 months, of course this includes the staffs too
I'm really thankful to all the fans who has been watching it all these years!!

It's because of the support of the fans that we are able to do this work
And it's because everyone has expectations of us
That our motivations to do it burns up
It's thanks to your existence that we are able to walk on forward
And with this turning point I come to reaffirm again the importance of continuing on

And also the fact that even when the tv program is over,
I realize that the bond between people to people wouldn't be cut off!
Thanks for supporting us always,
Dear fans!

Kanjani8 won't stop!

Ohkura's Okurabu Vol 49

Since 1 year ago,
This world had become a world where we could never know
What will happen.
And anything that is a matter of course, is no longer so.

It has been a time where one despairs of the fact that
There's really no such thing as forever
But it also has been a time where I feel touched
As I found out how strong people can be
And how hope can be created.

There seems to be a lot of things going on
There seems to be a lot of difficult things happening.

But that is of course.
We are not the only ones who suffer.

The end of youth era.

How about creating a new youth era?

We've been doing that all these while right?

Let's create our youth era with our own strength

Maru Jweb 250621

The destination is still a long way to go.
We still have a huge part of us that needs improving
The works that are piling up are painful but also fun
It'd be a painful road if one is alone, but we decide to challenge it since we are together with everyone.
Hey, wont you guys help us out?
Mou, temporarily, accompany us~
We promise to show you a world that you have never seen before!

See you tomorrow!

(Tbh, from the impression I get from what Yokokuramaru said during yesterday's Janiben episode about "Repaying the kindness", tbh it feels like it's from Kansai Terebi side that has difficulty continuing the show. As often said by the comedians on the show, the budget for Kansai shows are really miniscule af and for this 1 year, Janiben had been recorded in Tokyo due to COVID travel restriction (at Fuji TV studio if I'm not mistaken-I think members once mentioned it), so likelihood the cost had come to a point where it's hard for Kantele to cope.

After all this is a show that has been paying eito with the saaaame amount of payment since the very moment it starts all those years ago and eito has joked that the payment they receive for Janiben can be used up with just 1 meal alone XD. Well, that's just my impression. If Kantele reveal the reasoning to be other than this next week, I stand corrected m(_ _)m)

(Also sorry to some who's unhappy with me posting here? But please give me this one chance because I feel like a lot of eighters are in anxieties now and need reassurance from eito)

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