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Updates on 8BEAT! Also, Dragon Quest Walk!

So! It's September. Around 2 months until the album release and they've come up with some updates on the album.

First, your wish has been granted! Eito will sing the theme song for Ikuta Toma's movie "Mogura no Uta FINAL"! The movie will be released on November 19 (two days after the album's release date). 

The song title is "Inazuma Blues", and will follow "King of Otoko" and "NOROSHI" that became the theme songs of Mogura no Uta's previous movies. You can hear a preview of the song here.

Another update on "8BEAT", they will sing the theme song of Joshima Shigeru's drama "Samurai Kaasan" (samurai mother). The drama starts from October 11 on NTV's Monday midnight slot. The song title is "Kokoro ni Hana". They mentioned it will be on the album, but they didn't mention which version it will be. Watch the drama & song preview here.

Last news, but not album-related.

On September 1, Kanjani8 was appointed to be the famous mobile game Dragon Quest Walk's 2nd-anniversary ambassador! Yoko is a Dragon Quest Walk maniac and they're very happy to be appointed as ambassador. 

They're starring the latest Dragon Quest CM and there will be some youtube videos of them promoting the game called Kanjani8 WAAAAALK!

On September 11, they released the CM and on September 18 they released the first Kanjani8 WAAAAALK on youtube. You can subscribe ドラゴンクエストウォーク公式 (Dragon Quest Walk's official youtube channel) for the updates!


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