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Title: Always Watching You
Pairing(s): Ryokura
Rating: umm, PG or PG-13. There are innuendos and some mild language but overall its clean I guess. I’m so not ready to write anything over a pg-13 rating but maybe one day…
Genre: There’s definitely angst, some funny I think, a dash of crackiness and just a pinch of fluff. I promise it’s not complete drama.
Disclaimer: umm, not mine. I can’t afford to own anything other than this laptop and not even that.
Summary: This chapter goes back to the beginning of Ryo and Ohkura’s relationship. It has a bit of drama but overall it’s fluff. Be warned that part B of chapter 2 will not be as pleasant. 
A/N: This is part A of chapter 2. Chapter 2 became kind of long so I split it into A and B. both parts go together so I decided to leaved them as just one chapter. Chapter 2 delves into the past and well, it’s a flashback chapter needed to understand Ryo and Tacchon’s relationship now. I really like Ryo in this chapter. I guess he may be out of character for some readers but I always pictured him to be more vulnerable around those he cares about.

Sorry, i fell asleep after posting in jent_fanfics so i'm cross-posting here too before i go to school.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 Part A

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