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Wake me when I'm Sober

Title : Wake me when I'm Sober
Author : ashkt  / ashesof_hope 
Pairing : Ryo x Uchi
Genre : One-shot. Angst / mild smut
Rating : PG-15
Summary : Ryo drank himself silly after Kame found his happiness with Jin and Uchi decided he was going to wake Ryo up from his stupor.
A/N : One-shot sequel to my fic "And Then There was None" because the plot of Ryo was left hanging and Ryo deserved better than that. And I've written too much RyoUchi, my mind is boggled. Comments are nice since this one is not really my usual writing style. And the mushy quote at the bottom is somewhat derived from OTH.

And somehow, he realised he still had the remnants of a pickled brain left because he thought Uchi was looking so pretty amidst the shadowed lights

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