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I hope this isn't old meme for everyone...

RyoUchi fans- I'm sure most of you read the J-Web translations at Binan no Nikki, so just yesterday (yesterday for me) the lovely Rei put up the translation for 'Kanjani Sentai 8 Ranger [Nishikido] 12/14' (which was a whle ago) and I swear, my heart shot up out of my chest.

Ryo, oh god. I can't believe it. Please, tell me I'm not disillusioned? I'm not even a huge RyoUchi fan, but I really want to discuss this. How do you think he got away with it? Because it's so ambiguous? Or am I maybe seeing to much with this? But then, if I'm not, it really means that RyoUchi is still totally there. Maybe? ♥ Someone calm me down. xD

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