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[Ryokura] Exhausted

Title: Exhausted
Pairing: Ryokura
Rating: NC-17 (Yay)
Genre: one-shot, fluffy clouds and pillows and smex
Disclaimer: Who knows what I would do if I met them let alone actually owned them. No ownership here.
Summary: Poor Ryo is tired but Ohkura isn’t...
A/N:  Fluffy fic about Ryokura but this one has pr0n! The whole thing started off short, sweet, and innocent, then, smut knocked on my door and asked to be included. So of course I acquiesced. Please comment on what you think, this is my first try at actual smut. This way, if you like it, I'll write more :D! 
P.S. unbeta-ed

Ryokura smut over here...

I cross-posted, SORRY!
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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