ash (ashesof_hope) wrote in kanjani8,


Title : Diabolos Prologue
Author : ashkt  / ashesof_hope 
Pairing : Ryo x Uchi x Ohkura ( No Uchi in this chapt )
Genre : I refuse to slap a label on this fic
Rating : NC-17
Summary : Ryo and Ohkura stepped on a route of mindless killing to forget their own meaningless existence. They were partners in crime but polar opposites. And Ohkura finds his thrill waning from torturing his victims because now he wants Ryo.
A/N : Ok I actually like what I wrote. No I'm not smug. Just because I like it doesn't mean other people will but yes, it's Ohkura with a God complex and a sadistic streak. It's Ryo who's a merciful murderer, if there's such a thing. And it's violent. Comments are nice because without comments, I'm just a very lonely writer D:

They say it can't rain all the time. Well in my world, it does and no amount of rain can cleanse the filth off the streets.
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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