Lawi (lawi_chan) wrote in kanjani8,

[Request] Purin live and Amechan

Konnichi one-two minna!! 

How been you Val's day? Anyway... I've been looking everywhere for this but I think is imposible, but some help doesn't harm anyone so I was wondering if any of you have (let's make better a list ^^;)

*The Spirits concert's Purin and Amechan mp3 rip
*Some video (fancam anything) where Sankyoudai appeares playing Amechan or Purin (of course not the Spirits con) maybe in a Shounen Club or something
*And if there's one: Amechan mp3 in accustic version... couse there should be one, right? After most of 3kyoudai's song are accustic........

Any help would do... even if it's infromation and not the files, where can I look for them, anything... don't I sound kid of deseperate?

Tags: music: mp3s, requests

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