16 February 2007 @ 09:06 am
Honjani episode, HELP!!!  
eversince Tokyo has been late for an ep, i'm getting all confuse. i posted before about it, looking for the 2 February episodes, but it seems like i've downloaded the other already and still missing this weeks. this is what i have downloaded so far. 

Kansai aired Honjani episodes
Jan. 17 - Olympics (games, or whatever this ep is called) : Maru kicked ass
Jan. 24 - Camping : there's some military guy 
Jan. 31 - Magic : Part 1

i tried looking for the February episodes and found them at lakyniu's CB dated as follows:
Feb. 06 - Magic : Part 1
Feb. 13 - Magic : Part 2

so, this is the Tokyo aired episodes, right? what's the Kansai ep for this week, nways? 

ahh... so confuse now. help!
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yufanggg on February 16th, 2007 05:35 pm (UTC)
the JAN 31 MAGIC PART 1 and FEB 06 MAGIC PART 1 are actually the same right?
from what i know...or rather what i've downloaded so far, is the FEB 06 MAGIC ,but i thought that should be part 2 instead? which was aired last week...and this week's FEB 13 one hasn't been uploaded so far right?i haven't seen anyone upload it yet. but why is lakyniu's CB Magic part 2 aired onm FEB 13 this week?eh ~i'm confuse already!
OH! I get what you mean..i think ya,that's the Tokyo aired episode,since you said Tokyo is aired one episode later than Kansai's one.
eh,hope i didn't confuse you.and me either :D
(Anonymous) on February 16th, 2007 06:00 pm (UTC)
You're not behind. Jan 31 Magic 1 and Feb 06 Magic 1 are the same, because one of them is Kansai TV's version and the other one is Fuji TV version.

Kansai TV --> Wednesday
BS Fuji TV --> Tuesday (episodes are one week behind Kansai TV)

If you check the dates, you'll see that Jan 31 is a Wednesday, and Feb 06 is a Tuesday.

The latest episode available for download is Magic 2. It's the BS Fuji TV version because the date is Feb 13 (Tuesday). Someone didn't record Kansai TV version last week on Feb 7, but it doesn't matter because the BS Fuji version is the same, or actually better, because it's widescreen. The new episode that just aired this Wednesday (Feb 14) on Kansai TV is Boxing, and I haven't seen it available for download yet. I suggest people pay attention to what the episode titles are, because a lot of uploaders aren't using the correct dates. Either that, or just watch the episode once you download it. Then you can tell right away what it is exactly.
je12_vz09 on February 17th, 2007 05:14 am (UTC)
great! thanks a lot! so this week's Kansai TV Honjani episode is Boxing. ok. that's just what i needed to know. so hopefully, someone out there was able to record it. or, we'll just wait for the Fuji TV episode this coming week. thanks.