the girl next door who won't stop terrorizing you (rindiggfelt) wrote in kanjani8,
the girl next door who won't stop terrorizing you

[Fanfic] - Reverse Psychology

I come with a fic! The pairing has Ryo in it, and it has the Leah Dizon reference, so I thought I'd post here, too ._. *runs away*

Author: rindiggfelt/redoranges
Pairing: RyoKame!
Genre: Crack :D
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: They're not mine, cos last I checked, Ryo flailed over Leah Dizon. I've no idea what to make of that O_O
Summary: Kame is kinda jealous over Ryo's crush. So he got smart and took things into his own hands :D

Author's Note: Posting this here after tomosuki (for whom I wrote this) decided it was good enough for public viewing XDDD First attempt at this crack pairing! ♥

(“Ry-- Ryo? What are you doing?”)

Comments are very much appreciated ♥

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