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Nissin UFO commercial & SubaYasu love

Hey everyone! First of all, I have to apologize... I know I have many translation requests waiting for me, but I just can't find the time to sit down and try to translate those things since I started working every day... I'll try doing them on the weekends, but no promises so far! This weekend I probably won't have time because WOO it's the Kanjani8 DOME CONCERT WEEKEND! I can't wait!!

Anyway, here's some recent K8 news:

News 1

The boys will be in a commercial of Nissin's UFO (cup noodles, basically yakisoba) and it'll start in March!

Ryo's comment: "In Kansai, cup noodles (yakisoba) is UFO! I'm really happy to be in a commercial for a product that I've been eating since childhood."

Yoko's comment: "It kinda sucks that my hairstyle is like this (because of the drama), but fortunately, the theme and the costume to this commercial suit my hairstyle perfectly!"

News 2

*Note: I am NOT making this up... it really sounds wilder than a fic could be!! Hahaha.

A friend of mine went to the filming of Honjani's 200th special (will be aired in mid-March) and wrote a very long report... she also loves SubaYasu, so her report focused mostly on those two, hahah.

I'll translate some parts:

First of all, they filmed the Seven Okans throughout the four-plus hours they were there. It was a big Okan Sporting Event special, and since they aren't allowed to tell people what happened, she didn't write the outcome of the games and whatnot, but she reported closely on the SubaYasu Love :-)

- Subaru just loves to have Yasu by his side. When all of them were in two lines, Yasu at first was in the front because he's short. But, Subaru pulled him back, made him come next to him and put his arm around him.
- Throughout the filming, Subaru had his arm around Yasu and was whispering to him and such. Shota acted as if that's normal. Shota had his arm around Subaru's waist, too.
- Subaru would punch Shota's tummy a few times, and then put his arm around him again.
- Subaru would touch Shota's head and then gives him a chop!
- Subaru would stand in front of Shota, brings Shota's arms over to him, and Shota hugs him. Then, Shota gropes Subaru's boobs. Subaru says, "I have at least a size A, don't I?"
- On the other hand, Subaru is constantly groping Shota's boobs. He gropes it strongly for a long time, so eventually Shota would say "Stoooop!" but that just makes Subaru do more.
- Subaru also is constantly touching Shota's ass. Not only touching, but putting his hands down his pants. Not the crack, but the hole (I didn't add this! This is what my friend saw and reported!) Shota retaliated by touching Subaru's crotch.
- Subaru would stand behind Shota and grinds his crotch. This action seems like a "greeting" for the both of them. Oh dear god...
- Overall, Shota doesn't even react much because it is so natural to him!!

Other than SubaYasu...

- Ryo and Yasu hung out a lot off-camera. Ryo would pull Shota's pants down, and eventually Yoko joined in and the lucky fans were able to see Yasu's naked ass, lol.
- Ryo had his arm around Yasu a lot off-camera, but stopped on-camera.
- While Yasu was busy with someone else, Subaru woud flirt with Maru, hahah.
- As for Ohkura, he'd tug and pull at Yasu's wig in the split second that Subaru's not around, but the moment Baru comes back, he takes Yasu away from poor Ohkura, lol.
- Shota was tying Yoko's shoes for him, lol.
- Whenever Shota happened to be free, he'd hang out with Maru :)


In conclusion, Subaru doesn't like sharing his boy with the others!!!!!


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