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[REQUEST] Help! Ryo x Ohkura fanfic...

Minnaa PLEASE HELP! I am killing myself trying to find this...i've been looking for DAYS seriously...

First heres a very small bribe but eyecandy always nice right?

I've only survived by reading novemberchic  fanfic of Ryo x Ohkura WHICH is AWESOME so go read ok and my question is leading too...
(oh and i have another bribe in the end. XD)

Ok so i dunt know how ago maybe month or two ago?
I ran into some Ryo X Ohkura fanfic (which you dunt find often) on kanjani8  community...

OMG im gonna kill myself. I just wrote this whole summary thing and LJ is being
retarded and wiped it for me. thanks. i hTAE u LJ!

Ok moving on Gomen. I wanna find this fanfic or who wrote it so please help if
ya can! arigato!

Summary of the fanfics i remember. (WARNING there is SMUT involved)

1) K8 just got off work and is tired wants to just go chill
and have drink. They decide to go to Tacchons house bc the bar at his house is packed with alcohol
so they all drink Ryo gets drunk and goes and bes naughtty and does something to Tacchon underneath the bar/counter. XD its very funy.

2) Ryo just got his license and new car and he keeps wanting to go
on "dates" to places just so he could drive. Tacchon just wants to have sex. So they go on a road trip finding some
resturant but end up getting lost and stranded and well Tacchon ends up getting what he wanted so bad with Ryo. makes me laugh XD.

theres more but i dunt remember them very well.

Anyways if you know who wrote it or if YOU did you are awesome and
please write more! I dunno i like this persons writing style. XD

OK onto my final bribe. It isnt MUCH but i worked VERY HARD on it.
I wasnt gonna share but since i have no RyoKura pictures to bribe with i must offer this.
I hope you guys like i was inspired by the adorable-ness of Ryo x Ohkura. XD




credit here

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