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IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I'm too tired to write everything so I'll just write down the song list from tonight's show. It was like a mixture of all the cons (especially the latest) that K8 has done so far and it was very well structured. It went on for exactly three hours. Eito Ranger was super long and HILARIOUS & ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. We got to see Baru's butt, too... hahaha


(Before the show)
- There was a commercial that said that they're going to have a DVD for the three dramas (Dive, Double, Kemarishi), including some behind-the-scenes things!
- Usually there are announcements saying "Don't do this, don't do that," before the concert... this time, guess who told us what not to do?! YES, THE SEVEN OKANS. Shoko was SOOOOOO CUTE. MY GOD.

1. Asu wo nerae (Ohkura, Maru, Yasu, Ryo, Yoko, Hina, Baru... just like the Kanfuu cons)


3. Naniwa Iroha Bushi - Rock version

4. Obachan ROCK

5. Heavenly Psycho

6. Greetings

7. Kanfuu Fighting

8. Yajirushi

9. Cool Magic City

10. Butterfly I Loved

11. Who's Foods

12. Explosion

13. Eito Rangers

14. 10-nen go no Kyou no himo

15. Oh! Enka

16. Puropella

17. MC

18. Jr medley

19. Everyday Music

20. Fantastic Music

21. Itsuka, mata

22. Osaka Romanesque

23. Osaka Rainy Blues

24. Sukiyanen, Osaka

25. Naniwa Iroha Bushi

26. Potential

27. High Position

28. Misetekure

29. Do you agree?

30. Kuchibue no mukou

31. Mirai no mukou e

EN 1. Samurai Blues

EN 2. Mugendai

EN 3. Kanfuu Fighting

Yoko talked about how he missed a recent Honjani filming (baseball) because he was really sick. He emailed the guys at like 5:30am to show that he wasn't lying (lol) and that he's really sick. Ohkura replied, then Hina, Maru, Yasu, Baru... everyone said "Don't worry, get well soon!" and Yoko was very touched. He was waiting for one more person, but he figured after he slept a few more hours and wake up, he'd have an email... but, after sleeping for 3, 4 hours, he still hadn't gotten anything from that one person. He was sad, but later on, a staff member told him that Mr. Nishikido didn't send him a reply because he'd feel bad that Yoko would have to reply to that message. Yoko finished up by saying "You guys were the most effective medicine!" and everyone was like YOU JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT!! Hahaha.

I have many things to write, but I'm just too tired and I have another show tomorrow morning, so I'll stop here!!


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