Lawi (lawi_chan) wrote in kanjani8,

[Fanart... no wait more like Fansing!] lol Crack

Konban One Two!!!!
Just like my entry begins... I was bored so I decided to record some songs....... it's a new facet of mine... maybe it'll only last a few more days, don't worry I'm aware of the danger of me singing...CRACK
There are the three Sankyoudai songs I've recorded so far: Mikan, Purin, Onigishi.... I think Purin is really funny, look after that ne? And I did also Ai no Katamari (Jin and Ryo's) oh... this one was special, I did two voices lol!!!

Now have fun, laugh, cry, kill me (no wait, better not), do as you want, and comments are lovely!

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