catt (cattleya_88) wrote in kanjani8,

A Request....

I'm very sorry to make this post in this community... Can any K8 fan here who downloads Honjani frequently, please upload Honjani episode 11.07.2006 Hokkaido SP(B) to Sendspace for me? Megaupload just doesn't work for me at all. I need it urgently, I've been looking around for this episode in every Clubbox where I can find Honjani but no luck. Actually I had the A episode but it only has little preview of Yosakoi festival, I need the longer report of Yosakoi Festival in (B) episode so that I can show the clip as presentation for my Japanese class in school(plus I can show off the K8 boys XDDD). Anyone, help??? Onegaishimasu. Thanks a lot!

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