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[REQUEST] Obachan episodes...

Hey minna! I was wondering if anyone would be so kind to UL the Obachan episodes...i really have no idea how many there are but ALL would be nice... *runs and hides*

Gomen i know thats HUGE request but i've been looking everywhere and i cant seem to find them except for 2 on youtube.

Well with that said anyone that can help MUCH LOVE!!

i come with a youtube me around 1:30 (of the video you will die lauighing...or at least i did...almost. XD)

oh Ryo-chan you are such a retard.

Maru: MOE!!!!  --< onnichan!
Yasu and Maru expressions hilarious! (they also are retards like Ryo hehe buncha PERVES!!)

enjoy desu.

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