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Calendar translations!

I never contribute to this community and I was feeling so lame -__- but then nutchie posted in this very community the scans of K8's new calendar and while I was dying at how *ç* they are, I was also reading the sentences written on the pictures and I must say they are WONDERFUL!
As everyone who watches Suka*J might know, at the end of every episode each member writes a "catchcopy" phrase about the week's guest. On the calendar, there are similar catchcopy phrases written by the boys about themselves and the other members and some are funny, some are sweet, some are witty, so I thought I'd translate them into English and share them with you ^__^

EDIT Added the missing phrase, Ryo about Tacchon!

HINA's catchcopy phrases
about Subaru: I've got nothing to do with it! - He'll surely say that when he becomes an old man!
about Yoko: I don't have my wallet again... - He'll keep saying that even when he becomes an old man!
about Maru: Today he's full of life, too! His heart goes paaan! - I tried to give importance to the sound of the words.
about Shota: I am Yasuda Shota! - You have to sing it with the melody of "I am Doraemon!" (XD)
about Ryo: He's good instead! - And I mean "instead".
about Tacchon: Hahahahahahaha - I can't do anything but laugh
about himself: Nande ya nen! - Everything!

SUBARU's catchcopy phrases
about Hina: Primitive man - He came through a time slip.
about Yoko: Big size - Big size in every meaning.
about Maru: Jukebox - He makes a lot of noises.
about Shota: Kin-keshi (They're a series of mini erasers shaped like kinniku-man, a muscled cartoon character) - He gets around making a big noise.
about Ryo: Firecracker - There are times when he bursts, but it's only for a split second.
about Tacchon: Pillow - His butt and his belly are so soft and spongy.
about himself: A miraculously beautiful boy - One in one hundred years.

YOKO's catchcopy phrases
about Hina: Big tree - His feet are steady on the ground.
about Subaru: Tabasco - He's violent in a good way.
about Maru: Spring-mechanism toy - I would always keep looking at him, but there are times when he never stops
about Shota: Feather - He's got sweetness that wraps you up.
about Ryo: Wolf - He's got a great power, and he only hangs around with his mates.
about Tacchon: Grass meadow - His natural feeling is so relaxing.
about himself: Lupin - I'm "Lupin" in the meaning that I always get carried away, and I also want to live always chasing something to catch.

MARU's catchcopy phrases
about Hina: Udon pasta - Inside he's strong and steady, but he's also got a fashonable side (oshare is like the HARDEST word ever to translate. Any suggestions?)
about Subaru: Red flame - Aggressive and delicate
about Yoko: A grown-up child - He still has a child's heart, but he's become a careless (rash? How do you say occhokochoi in English? XD) adult.
about Shota: Dandelion - He's so cute in appearance, but don't underestimate him!
about Ryo: Black panther - Since he was a child he could do anything, he's always been a professionist.
about Tacchon: Japanese cedar tree - You wouldn't say he's only 21, there's a strangely quiet atmosphere around him.
about himself: Dice - You don't know if you'll win or lose! Try to cast me!

SHOTA's catchcopy phrases
about Hina: Hurricane - He's got a strong destructive energy. He comes suddenly, he goes suddenly.
about Subaru: Thunder - He shows one side of him that's like a lightning.
about Yoko: Earthquake - He arouses laughters that make the Earth shake.
about Maru: Sun - Sometimes he shows he's burning, and sometimes ambition burns inside of him.
about Ryo: Moon - He's got a lot of shapes, and he changes face according to the side he's illuminated from.
about Tacchon: Mirage - The things he hides inside of him, give out the sense of their existance in a very hazy way.
about himself: Fallen leaf - It's not like the green leaves are the only alive leaves.

RYO's catchcopy phrases
about Hina: Ooinu-no-kuguri (a big field speedwell, scientific name Veronica persica) - He's so big it's impressive!
about Subaru: Hydrangea - He's got a lot of face.
about Yoko: Lily - Live long, ok?
about Maru: Asagao (it's a bell-shaped flower that only blooms in the early morning, I don't know its name in English, wikipedia says "Morning glory") - He's full of life only when he's full of life.
about Shota: Cosmos - If you look at him well, doesn't he look like Yamaguchi Momoe? (a j-pop singer from the 70's)
about Tacchon: White cedar - He smells good.
about himself: Red rose - It's the passion. (RYO I LOVE YOUR EGO.)

TACCHON's catchcopy phrases
about Hina: Wind - He has a lot of expressions, and he brings a lot of things
about Subaru: Moon - It's just the image of a shadow, but he has a certain shadowy beauty.
about Yoko: Sun - He releases light and makes the place where he is brighter.
about Maru: Sky - Like the weather, the sky's easy to change. But when it's clear, it's so broad and vivid!
about Shota: Cloud - He moves with a natural flow and does what he likes.
about Ryo: Star - Inside the dark night, he shines so much.
about himself: Snow - It only happens sometimes, but when it falls it's amazingly beautiful. That's how I want to be.
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