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Calendar translations - 2

As the translations of the catch-copy phrases was received so warmly, I thought I'd translate the other part as well, i.e. where the members are grouped into couples and talk about each other XD They're very short things but I guess there's much to make some comm members'imagination go wild hahahah XDDD

Yoko + Maru
-He's feeling down! How do you console him?
Yoko: I'd give him chocolate, because Maru loves sweet things!
Maru: I'd tell him "You're not alone, we're all with you!" And he'd snap back "Shut up", wouldn't he?

Subaru + Yasu
-When is it that you feel happy?
Yasu: When I make music with Subaru-kun, and we understand the things we say and the feelings and turn them into music, I am happy.
Subaru: When I go shopping with Yasu, there are a lot of things we share the same taste in, and there are lots of moments when we understand each other and are happy.

Tacchon + Hina
-If he were a girl, would you make him your girlfriend?
Tacchon: I wouldn't! Murakami-kun is a very precise person so I think he'd always tell me "You have to tidy everything!" and such.
Hina: I wouldn't want him either! But Tacchon is so sweet, maybe I'd date him even if I wouldn't want to...

Maru + Yasu
-Is there a place you want to go together? What would you want to do?
Maru: I'd love to challenge Yasu in a marathon, a crosscountry, in harsh things or something like a training.
Yasu: As we've played in a drama about bycycles, I'd want to go to a bike trip with him. Or maybe to the hot springs. Isn't it good?

Hina + Yoko
-When you want to revive your energy, what do you do?
Hina: Futsal! I kick, I kick, I kick around!
Yoko: I revive myself by a good 8 hours' sleep!

Subaru + Ryo (I swear Ryo and Baru in the same picture are scary. They are both so psycho. & I love them XD)
-Do you remember how you met?
Subaru: 9 years ago, we played in the same stage play. He was really short, but he looked so full of pride. That hasn't changed now.
Ryo: The first day we played together he gave me a sweet and I told him "Thank you!" so many times! He called me "Ryochan" since the first time.
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