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Engimono: Lonely My Room

There was some talk about Yoko's Engimono a couple of entries down, and I'd offered to upload it.
But since I figured not everyone who'd like to have it would have seen the links if they're buried in a comment thread, I'm making this post.

Links are CB for now, and I'm currently uploading to MU. (If you can't download from either of those, I can up it other sites as well. Just let me know your preferred hosting site. ^^)

Lonely My Room
Episode 01, 191.5mb - CB / MU
Episode 02, 187.8mb - CB / MU
Episode 03, 199.7mb - CB / MU
Episode 04, 200.4mb - CB / MU
Lonely My Room SP, 200.9mb - CB / MU
Tags: tv: drama

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