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[Magazine Article Translation] Popolo 2007.04

8D So I decided to translate the article in Popolo's April issue. More interesting things about the members :D Who's game? (If you want pictures, you can find them at Vendy's blog, Hachi~) Don't repost them anywhere else without asking me first!

Celebrate! Kanjani8's first Dome Concert
Fanletters, Tokyo, Song writing, Playing the guitar, The First Dome Concert;
28 Confessions of their "Firsts" Right Here!

"Kanjani8: Our first stories"
On 24th and 25th February, Kanjani8 will hold their first Dome concerts in their hometown, Osaka. This month, we'll be getting closer to knowing the members' various "firsts", 28 confessions; stories filled with laughter and tears.
Let us open the album to the precious memories of these 7 members. 

Nishikido Ryo
[The first day we met, Yasu asked for my address *laughs*]

(First Dome Concert)
[I'll make sure that they'll say "It was great!"]
To be honest, the fact that we'll be holding a concert at the Dome still doesn't feel quite real. There's a kind of feeling of "Really? We're peforming at the Dome?" However, the truth is that we WILL perform there. For me, the first live concert I performed at was in Zepp Osaka, in Grade 8. From then on, after performing more and more, instead of thinking "I'm having fun", my thoughts changed to "I'll definitely make sure that the guests enjoy themselves". For now, I still can't imagine how the concert will go, but I'll definitely make sure that our guests will say "It was great!"

(First Lines on stage)
[In a historical play, of course no NGs were made?!]
The first theatre role I had was for the play "The Emperor's New Clothes". I found myself suddenly playing the main role. It was just for a game in the nursery though *laughs*. The first lines I had for my job were.....I don't remember *laughs bitterly/wryly*. If I remember correctly, the first production I was in was a Furuya Ikkou (1944) historical play. I was playing the part of an orphan, and I wore a kimono and a wig. I think it was a scene where my toenails had gotten stuck somewhere. Ah, I remember now! "Tsujikiri da~!" (T/N: tsujikiri refers to someone killing a passerby just to test out a new sword) was my first ever line. In that scene, my character saw somewhat being killed with a katana, a 'tsujikiri', and yelled out "Tsujikiri da~!", then ran home. And then my toe nails got stuck in the moss! I think that I probably didn't have an NG for that. A perfect performance, just like that.

(First Audition)
[It was a fated meeting with Yasu, Maru and Ohkura!]
The first audition that I went to was when I was in Grade 7. I applied with a friend. I totally forgot about it when the notifications for the second round of auditions came, and at that time I had close-cropped hair. I tried in vain to get my forelocks to stand up, and then I went. I think my mum sent me to the meeting place. It was there that the fated meeting with Yasu, Maru and Ohkura occured. Yasu was holding a notebook, and he came up to me and said "Write down your address for me" *laughs*. Among the hundreds of people there, we 4 were there. It really was a mysterious fateful encounter, huh?

Member's choice! A 'my first' story.
(First car)
[One day, Nishikido bought his first car!]
The first time I bought a car, it was a model that I had wanted for a very long time. Actually, at that time, I still hadn't gotten my license. So the one who test-drove it was my mum. Then I did my best on my driving lessons prior to getting my license. The day the car arrived at my house, I was really happy. My friend was grinning with me in the car on the vinyl seats while saying stuff like "Ah, I want to stay here~" *laughs*. Right there and then, we drove around the neighbourhood.

Yasuda Shota
[My first heartbreak was so painful that I still can't believe it.]

(First Dome Concert)
[I want to be laughing from the beginning right up till the end.]
The first time I heard that we were going to have a Dome concert, I think I was nervous. Even though we'd done a lot of live concerts, I still thought that it was too early for us to have a Dome concert. I thought 'There's no way we can do this!'. I mean, it's so huge right? *laughs* I also felt very anxious. But then, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it. The Dome is huge, and you might think that we're really far away [from the audience], but when we run around on stage, I believe that we'll be able to see everyone's faces. Like last year, when I had my first solo concert, I understood how important the members are to me, and that everyone being together is a very valuable thing. From here on, I want to continue being together with everyone.

(My first guitar)
[It was a fated meeting at my friend's house]
The first time I encountered a guitar was in Grade 8. There was an electric guitar at my friend's house, and after playing around on it a bit, I was like "This thing is really fun!". Then with the money that I'd saved up until then, I bought a guitar. In a way, I guess it was a fated meeting. When I first started, I didn't practice any chords, and just went straight into playing songs. I played L'Arc-enCiel's "snow drop" alot. Then I got into songs by Yuzu. By the way, the first song I composed was probably back in Grade 10. I don't have the sound source (T/N: Don't really get what he's on about ??? O_OV) for it anymore, but it was a medium type pop song. I still remember writing lyrics in class during high school, all over my notebooks *laughs*.

(First heartbreak)
[It was after dating her for 1 week...]
In junior high, I confessed to a girl in my class, and after that we started dating. After that, since I wanted to go home together [after school] with her, I called her house about a week later. And then one of her family members said "She already went to sleep", but in the background, I could hear her telling her mum "Tell him that". I was quite hurt. I didn't understand the reason for it, but I thought "I can't go through with this anymore", and was really sad. But now I'm talking about what was such a sad story then easily enough now, and I can even laugh about it, so I believe that if I experienced such sad feelings now or in the future, I'd want to persevere through it.

Member's Choice! A 'my first' story.
(My first drawing)
[The first time I drew something was when I was 3!]
The first time I drew a picture was before going into kindergarten. I was around 3 years old at that time, so I think that was quite early to have started to draw. After that, in kindergarten, I drew a picture of a cheetah, and it was chosen to be put in an exhibition! That was probably the first time I did such a perfect drawing. I didn't only draw at school, but at home as well. I'm really good at colouring in *laughs*. I had a competition with my friends at that time to determine who was better too.

Ohkura Tadayoshi
[The first time I received a fan letter was when I was in Grade 6. I was really surprised.]

(My first fanletter)
[I was really surprised, very "Ehhh?!" *laughs*]
The first time I got a fan letter was not long after I'd joined Johnny's, in Grade 6. I was on TV when I received it. This girl who looked like she was in junior high came running over and said "Please take this". I was very confused and had a feeling of "Ehh?!" and I thought "How come you know about me?". But since I was on TV, I couldn't say that. In the letter she said "Ganbatte ne", or something like that, I think. Even now, I still read all the letters that I get. Just the other day, I got a letter saying "Ohkura-kun, you've changed. I liked you better last time." *laughs* I'll be sure to take a look into that~ *laughs*

(My first time playing the drums)
[When I first started, I practised in earnest.]
The first time I ever touched the drums, was before there was the name "Kanjani8". When we were performing the butai "ANOTHER" at Shochikuza, one of the staff from the jimusho asked me "Can you play the drums?", and I said "I'll try my best". That was the beginning. I practised a lot and even though I thought "Hey, I can do this!", I didn't really like it. Because even though we're in the same group, I can't run around the stadium! *laughs* But then gradually, it got more and more fun for me. The first time I did a drum solo in Osaka jou Hall a year and a half ago, it felt really good. I want to become an even better and cooler drummer in the future.

(First Dome Concert)
[I want to make sure that even the people who are in seats really faraway have fun!]
When I hear the words "Dome Concert", the first thing that comes to mind is SMAP-san. It was many years ago when I went to watch their concert, but I still can't forget the way that the amazing amount of cheering gave me goosebumps. That's why I tihnk that this time, in front of 40,000 people, we have to face the audience with that kind of power. Normally, I don't get nervous, but I think this time I just might *laughs*. Even thought it might be a long trip for me, I really want to make even the people right at the back of the stadium to be able to say "It was really fun" when they go back. Everyone might think that "It would be better if we were closer to the stage", but I think that even if we're far away, I want to be able to give them that same sense of enjoyment and atmosphere that they'd experience if they were close to the stage.

Members Choice! A "my first" story.
(My first time at a theme park)
[The minute we entered, I got really excited]
Last year in spring, I went for the first time to a very famous theme park in Tokyo. When we had some free time off from work, Yokoyama-kun asked me "Wanna go?" and so the two of us went together. We only played around for about 1 hour, and were only able to go on one of the rides, but it was so much fun~! That's really a dream world. Of course, when I go, I wear loads of headgear. I've been there 3-4 times now, and every time I wear lots of headgear.

Shibutani Subaru
[My first love was in Grade 7. I learnt alot from that experience.]

(First Dome Concert)
[I want to tell the fans in our hometown that we've grown alot]
For last year's tour, we didn't go to Osaka, so I was really happy to hear that our first Dome concert would be in Osaka. But even if it's our first Dome concert, I don't think the way that we perform will change. Because, that's the kind of live concerts that we do afterall. I don't think it matters how big the place is. The first time we did a concert, the fans' cheering and the size of the hall made my head whirl. Their vigour was so overwhelming that I got the dance steps wrong *laughs*. Since then on, we performed numerous times, and at the tour last year, I finally felt that I had enough confidence to be able to do everything properly. I think we put out our CD for the people of Kansai who supported and raised us to be who we are today. That's why I want to tell them that "We've grown up and we're back!".

(Writing lyrics for the first time)
[On the morning of the concert itself, I wrote "ONE"]
I totally can't remember when I first wrote the lyrics to a song *laughs*. But now I take a notebook along with me everywhere I go and whenever I think of something, I'll write it down rightaway. I also leave phrases on my cellphone. There was also a time on the first day of the concerts that the lyrics were unfinished~. Somehow, the words wouldn't come, and on the morning of the concert itself, the song "ONE" was written. I wasn't hurrying to get it done either. It was because I thought that even if I *did* hurry to do it, I wouldn't be able to tell the people who were listening what I wanted to truly say. I wrote about good things and bad things happening, and also about being depressed. However, from now on, I want to write songs that anyone can relate to when they hear it.

(My first love)
[The time where I learnt everything - My first love in Grade 7]
My first love was during Grade 7. That was a time when I was yearning for love too. We weren't dating or anything, but one day I said on impulse "Let's go back together". I guess you could call us going back everyday together dating. At that time I was still really short, so she told me I was "kawaii" many times. As a guy, of course I wasn't overjoyed about it *laughs*. I was together with her for a year and a bit, but when she graduated, we just seperated very naturally. If I were to sum up my first love in a phrase, it would be "a lesson". I think it was something that I gained experience from, something that you wouldn't be able to study for at school.

Member's choice! A 'my first' story.
(My first CD)
[I got my first CD really late in life]
From the time when I was a kid, I really loved music, and I could remember a song that I heard of TV once I heard it. In kindergarten I learnt to play the piano, and I probably had perfect pitch too. That's why once I remembered the lyrics, I didn't need to get the CD, so I didn't buy a CD *laughs*. The first time I bought a CD was quite some time after I started this job. It was a CD by Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi! (T/N: some guy who sang in 1956 *is clueless*)

Maruyama Ryuhei
["Paaan!" was born at the butai in Shochizuka.]

(First Dome Concert)
[I want to choose songs that everyone will enjoy]
I found out that we were going to be doing a Dome concert when I read the newspaper *laughs*. It was the same as when I found out we were going to debut. I also found out that we'd be releasing a single through the newspaper *laughs*. I was really surprised. Recently though, we've been having lots of stuff regarding this [the Dome Concert], so I've been gradually getting the actual feeling of being excited about it. Without a doubt, I definitely want to make the concert enjoyable for everyone. I want to be able to play songs freely, and play the songs that the audience want to listen to. The same goes for the konto (short stories)! The sound may vibrate quite a lot since the Dome is so large, but if we can overcome that, we'll surely be able to communicate with everyone!

[It's something that let's us all become one!]
The first time my gag "PAAAAAAA-N!" was born was around 2 years ago, at Shochikuza, when we were doing the butai "Summer Storm". It was due to something that one of the Kansai Jr.s, Nakama Junta-kun (from B.A.D) said "Niichan's singing voice vibrates in my heart, and makes me tremble," and he has this habit of saying "Kokoro ga fuueta" (T/N: the correct way to say it would be "kokoro ga furueta"). The phrase "Kokoro ga fuueta!" was increasingly used in the training room. But then one day it suddenly became "Kokoro ga PAAA-N!" *laughs*. There wasn't really any evolution or progress to it becoming "PAAA-N!". And there's no real meaning to what I say *laughs*. It's just that if it's something that can bring everyone together, then that's great!

(First Attack)
[I drudged up my courage, nothing came out of it]
There was one time where I asked Yasu, "Let's go out, just for one day", and was dumped with "No way" *laughs*. The serious story would be about this girl who was in the same Atheletics club as me in Grade 7 that I liked. We usually just said "Bye" to each other when we left school, but one day I decided to confess to her, and so I ran back towards and said "There's something I've got to tell you." I told her honestly "I like you, and I'd like it if we could go out together." And she said "I'll think about it"... In the end, we didn't go out after all. That memory's a bit painful.

Member's choice! A 'my first' story.
(The first time I ate [western] desserts)
[I loved them after I started eating them!]
The truth is that I didn't really like, or eat [western] desserts when I was younger. But around 2 years ago, I went to this desserts shop with a friend, and ate tiramisu, pudding and cake, and it was really yummy! *laughs* The cheesecake was the best! Because of that, I realised that I actually liked eating desserts.

Murakami Shingo
[I'm really glad that our first Dome Concert is in Osaka]

(First Dome Concert)
[I was thinking of a surprise project]
I truly didn't think that we'd be able to do a concert at the Osaka Dome, so when I heard that we'd be doing one for real, I went "Seriously?", and was really surprised. It wasn't so much of a set-up, but more of a suprise project, I guess. I'm really happy that our first Dome Concert will be in Osaka. The first time I was involved in a concert, I was really nervous that I wore the wrong clothes for the specific part of the show *laughs*. At the concert for Kinki Kids-san, I got the timing really wrong, so I thought that would be last concert that I'd ever be involved in. The first concert when I performed as part of Kanjani8 also left a great impression on me. I'd like to perform again at the Osakajou Hall, where we had our first concert at Kanjani8.

(First Variety Show)
[I'm grateful to Subaru and Yoko]
The first time was probably when I was 17. It was when I was still a Kansai Jr, and it was the first time I was doing a part of a program by myself. "What will I say?", I thought, and I was really nervous. I hadn't done something like it at all, and I got really worried about it, but at that time, Subaru and Yoko helped me out. I'm really grateful to those two. It was really fun to be able to talk to and hear what lots of people had to say, and I liked the role that I had to play. In between the time that I talked and then got an answer, I would have to think about the next thing I had to say. "Suka-J" and "Honjani" are also lots of fun, and in the future, I like to try be a newscaster who's able to talk to athletes and sportsmen.

(First White Day)
[His first marshmallow partner was?!]
When I was in grade school, if you returned gifts for the chocolate you received [on Valentine's day], you'd be made fun of, and my classmates would be like 'The loooovebirds~!'. Since it was embarassing and all, I've never given any gifts in return until now. When I was in Grade 5, someone left a box at my house on Valentine's Day, and there was a card saying "Suki desu!" on it, but there was no name *laughs*. There were times when my friends bought marshmallows when they were dating though. So, I decided then that when the day comes where I have to give gifts in return to Valentine's Day, I'll give marshmallows! The person who I'll give the marshmallows to will be my first marshmallow partner. It'll be the first gift I've ever given in return *laughs*.

Member's Choice! A 'my first' story.
(My first private overseas vacation)
[I went on a 2 days 1 night trip with Maru to Korea!]
Last year, I went for my first private overseas vacation with Maru to Korea. We wanted to go and see the parallel 38th north (T/N: Lookit the * below :D) no matter what, and so we attacked the streets. It was actually something that we'd planned two years ago, but just before we went, Maru went "I don't have a passport" *laughs*. I finally got my revenge. This time if we go on another private overseas trip, I think Thailand's a good place to go. I was there once, and the food there was really delicious!

*parallel 38th north - Wikipedia lists this as an imaginary circle of latitude 38°north of the Earth's equalatorial plane, and has an important part in Korea's recent history. North and South Korea are divided by this line, and is also where a cease-fire was called to end fighting. 

Yokoyama Yu
[The first day I went to Tokyo, my mum sent me]

(My first time in Tokyo)
[The kind of feeling was like "It's Mount Fuji ya~"]
The first time that I came to Tokyo was for the audition, and on the next day, there was the interview for the magazines. It was the first time that I'd been on the Shinkansen alone, and my mum sent me to the Shin-Osaka Station to get on the Shinkansen. She gave me alot of money, and told me "If anything happens, then use this." I was gonna go home straight after everything finished, but I remember thinking that somehow it seemed as though "I'm leaving Osaka [forever]". When I was on the Shinkansen, I looked out the window the whole time at the scenery, and like any other person, I was really impressed and went "Ah~, it's Mount Fuji ya~". For me, the first time I came to Tokyo, I also have memories of the taking the Shinkansen alone for the first time.

(My first drama)
[I realised how fun it was to act]
The first time I was in a drama was in "Don't Worry!", where Macchi-san was playing the main role. I actually appeared in a movie first before I appeared in a drama. So the impression I have of the first time I ever acted would have to be in the movie "Shinjuku Shounen Tanteidan" with Aiba and MatsuJun. At that time, I wasn't calm and composed at all, and I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. You probably won't see that anymore. I did it in such a monotone voice *laughs wryly*. I only realised how fun it was to act recently. Maybe it's because this time I came across the drama "Dear Father [Haikei, chichiue-sama]". When I was able to perform exactly in the way I wanted to respond to my environment, I was really happy.

(First Dome Concert)
[I want to make short stories [konto] really showy too!]
To tell you the truth, I still don't have the feeling that we'll be performing at the Dome. But I think it's a really great thing for us, so from now one, we'll add onto the rehearsals, and then we'll be able to strongly feel that kind of excitement. Even though the concert's gonna be held in our hometown of Osaka, it's the first time we'll be having one in a Dome, so it still holds the feeling of being an 'away' concert *laughs*. But the thing I'm happiest about is that even the additional concerts that are confirmed have been sold out, and so lots of people are coming [to see us]. I still don't know the complete details, but if we're gonna do it, then we'll make it really showy! Since the concert is going to be held in the Dome, then not only should the fans have great expectations of our live performance, but also our konto.

Member's Choice! A 'my first' story.
(My first time eating ginger)
[T/N: Ginger is known as Shouga in japanese]
[Thanks to my brother I was totally defeated]
I REALLY hate eating ginger. But, one day when I went with my little brother to a kaiten sushi bar (T/N: sushi bars where the sushi goes around on a conveyer belt), I saw him gulping them down as if they were really delicious, so I decided to try a little bit for myself, and it was actually really delicious *laughs*. From then on I started eating shouga-yaki (pork fried with ginger) too, and when I even added in red ginger when I ordered gyuu-don (T/N: rice covered with beef and vegetables). I also got to understand the taste of adding ginger to men tsuyu (T/N: soup for noodles - basically, the soup for stuff like somen and kitsune oden).
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