zaq (zaq_in_chill) wrote in kanjani8,

Song request..

My dear fellow Kansai boys Lovers... i know this was posted already but can i request if someone can up, share or tell me where i can download Butterfly I Loved... I'm so itching to hear this song of that SEXY Drummer Boy... thanks in advance.... hahaha... it was up-ed  by</b>ultramarine_nanonly seconds before i posted this request... anyways... thanks so much!!!

now i just need the vid of it... there is one right?

oh and I'm sure that most of you watched the Shounen Club Premium a while ago.. So psyched that the Dome concert was shown... and almost half of their perf of Explosion was featured and they are SOOOOO HOT.... especially Baru!! He really caught my eye a while ago... I can't really get enough of those SEXY KANSAI MEN!!! and i can't wait to watch Baru's own Shounen Club Premium for at the ending credits a pref of his was shown along with the other upcoming guests...
Tags: requests

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