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[Uchi picspam]

I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I kept forgetting. XD; I always like when I can go through an Uchi picspam and see pictures I haven't before, so I thought I'd go through my pictures folder and try and upload pictures that people hopefully don't see as often as some others. Emphasis on 'try'; I spend a lot of time looking through my own pictures, so I don't know how well I managed, but hopefully there are at least some in here that a couple people haven't seen. XD; And if not, well... Uchi's still pretty to look at, so don't complain. ♥

A lot are (obviously) from PinkBaby, so uh... I guess if you are like me and have gone through that site, then sorry, you'll have seen them. XD But ANYWAY.

I like that Uchi's giving Ryo that kind of look whilst sticking his hand up his shirt. PAY ATTENTION, RYO.

Hina wants in on the lovin', too. Just... don't crush him, boy. XD

... I don't even know.

And to end on some RyoChi love...

... n'aaaawh. ♥
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