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Suka-J ending... but new show starting

Suka-J is ending at the end of March.

But, a new show in the same timeslot is starting with K8 in it.

Starting on April 3rd... it's a show called 「おもてなし音楽バラエティ むちゃ∞ぶり」
(Omotenashi Ongaku Variety Mucha-buri) I guess we could call it "Mucha-buri"?

Anyway, the guests are "artists" but since it's a Music Variety, they're mostly going to be singers. They are going to have guests and are going to try and grant those guests' wishes which are usually impossible. K8 will go outside to do that, but there are talks in the studio as well. The first guest is Tatsuya Ishii (ex-member of KomeKome Club, a music group)

I don't know which is better... having guests come and eat Okonomiyaki, or have K8 go out and do stuff. I'd have to wait and see how this renewal version of the show is!
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