jaime or jeimii, what's the change? (secret_base) wrote in kanjani8,
jaime or jeimii, what's the change?

concert tickets

Okay, so I'm more than a little confused since I'm getting all types of different information.

I want to go to a concert for the summer tour Kanjani 8 is putting on this summer (the one in Saitama, specifically), but can anyone help me as to how I can get tickets? Or if I even can, if I'm not a fanclub member?

My aunt lives in Japan and is willing to buy tickets for me, but we're not quite sure how, and the website is kind of confusing. And I don't really know fanclub members I can ask to get tickets for me, so...

So yes. I'm trying to ask around to see what everyone has to say about the matter, because I'd really like to go if possible, since I'll be in Japan this summer visiting relatives.

Help, please?

Edit: Also, would anyone know when you know you got the tickets if you were able to order them?
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