Fuu // where there is a Fuu, there is food! (solitair) wrote in kanjani8,
Fuu // where there is a Fuu, there is food!

Popolo 2007.03 Translation ~350 Questions~

Here's another translation for ya'll 8D This time, it's the interview from Popolo's March issue~ Please don't repost these translations anywhere else without my permission! 8D Enjoy reading~

Popolo 2007.03
Our 24 hours a day - we tell you!
Private Q&A 350
Q. How many alarm clocks do you have?
Q. What's on your menu for lunch?
Q. What's your shower style?

( Are you ready? )

( Mornin', lover )

( You said FOOD? WHERE?! 8D )

( Just you and me tonight, baby )
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