joou sama (parasoru) wrote in kanjani8,
joou sama

A little help please? ó_o

Hi that's me again o.o I just need help with K8 info, clicl the cut if you can help me please?

Okay, so I'm from Brazil ne? And me and my friend love K8 o.o but we dont know much other ppl from here that know the band. So i was thinking about writing a fic ^__^ so that they can know more about the band and love them

I started loving Aikaryu because of a fic XD oookaay off topic.

So i was thinking that ..o_o I need more information! Like, blogs, or fansites or anything that could help~! Cause I would like to write my fic based on facts, ne.. and it's going to be subassan XD *LOVES* Cuz I'm Subaru and my friend is Yasu~~~~ la la la off topic again.

So please ó_o anything you could do to help? I dont know japanese but I thing a friends of mine might translate >XDDDDDDDDD please please?

Im sorry the fic wont be in english, but as you can se ... ma engrish sukz 8D
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