paaaaan (paaaaan) wrote in kanjani8,

New versions of UFO CM

I just finished listening to this week's Kikujani (a weekly K8 radio show) and it was Yoko and Ohkura. 

Near the end of the show, Yoko let it slip (surpriiiiiise, haha) that there are more versions to the UFO CMs (which apparently they're signed for the whole year? I guess?) and that they already taped the next "Yoko/Maru" version. So, we'll be able to see all of those boys closer eventually! (Not saying here that I was upset Shota was barely visible in the first version, but whatever, hahaha)

I've also heard good stuff regarding Honjani, but I don't think I'm allowed to say it yet so I'll wait until there's an official announcement. 

Sooooo many TV appearances within this month... the boys are super busy!!
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